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  1. Jbird11

    Secret Santa 2015 Outstanding Bad Secret Santa's

    So... GTI is a scumbag... are the SuperSecretSantas stepping it up for Chubby or what are we doin?
  2. Jbird11

    Secret Santa 2015 - Whatcha Get Thread??

    Hah... dude... I don't get it either but there was no staging of the photos... you made their day... BTW-- to the dude that got the used Mayhem... if you look at the Ebay listing, the bat sounds awesome. Pfft...
  3. Jbird11

    Secret Santa 2015 - Whatcha Get Thread??

    Thanks! AR2X7 He hooked me up with a new L3.0 with a swing weight, a nice Nike Hoodie and some shopkins for my little girls! Much appreciated, Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Jbird11

    Secret Santa 2015 Participant List and Status Thread

    Mark me down for received and shipped to my guy.
  5. Jbird11

    Secret Santa 2015 Wishlist

    jbird11 2015 wishlist: Under Armor gear in 3xl, shirts, hoodies, etc NE Patriots gear --- wife & kids (8 & 4 y.o. girls) are also fans...the kids are into Shopkins Swing 27oz Monsta DNA... the Torch or Bombardier pre-order would be crazy sick if you're feeling ridiculous I'm mostly good on SB...
  6. Jbird11

    2015 Secret Santa Hint thread

    Crap, I'm out...
  7. Jbird11

    2015 Secret Santa Hint thread

    I may, or may not have one of you as my SS.
  8. Jbird11

    Jbv04 first base mitt

    Best 1b glove ever made for SB. You'll be keeping it. If not, look me up.
  9. Jbird11

    2015 ASA Men's Slowpitch Class D Northern National Tournament

    One thing I know for sure... there are no teams from SD that you have to worry about. :peace:
  10. Jbird11

    For Sale/Trade 27 oz ASA Z1000- Dual Stamped

    I'll take it f the deal falls throughl
  11. Jbird11

    best deal youve ever gotten "batwise"

    I was hammered at a small town tourney, got a bat from a dude for $200, sold it 40 minutes later for $180
  12. Jbird11

    Minnesota 2015: Dead thread

    T's Tryon Box is the correct answer.
  13. Jbird11

    How to hit high arching pitches??

    Stand way at the back of the box and go backside.
  14. Jbird11

    ****Yatzee Ink Promo****

    What's the turnaround time?
  15. Jbird11

    LTB SCN2 28oz

    Hah, i got one but it's so damn hot, not sure if I could part with her.
  16. Jbird11

    For Sale/Trade 260z Easton Kirby ASA 50-75 hits r/r

    Tempted to pick this up...
  17. Jbird11

    Price Check 27oz BB Aftermath

    I'd be a buyer at $150-175 depending on condition... looking for this exact bat and weight.
  18. Jbird11

    Minnesota 2015: Dead thread

    According to the stats page he maintains, this simply isn't true. haha. PORKPATTYS!
  19. Jbird11

    Minnesota 2015: Dead thread

    I missed you guys at Mound, cuz I was out of town for work.... but I'll see you this weekend in front of the Cement tent. Someone please get some extra Eye Black for our fearless leader RF'er. DetoxNation# hoorah
  20. Jbird11

    For Sale Few ASA Sticks $100 each OBO (DerbyBoy, L6, B3, Freak, Juggy)

    Almost all gone, deals in the works on the L6 & SSR4, but money talks.