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    For Sale 1 asa 1 utrip 1 dual stamp demarini

    Selling some stuff off since I won't be playing anytime soon. 2018 25 oz dual stamp Demarini Omega 2 balanced. Scales at 25.5oz. Never used in a game and is very clean with basically no field rash no rattles or webbing. 150 bp hits with mostly 52's. $100 shipped OBO. 2020 utrip Demarini USA...
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    LTB ASA Miken Freak 20th anniversary 12" barrel balanced

    I had this bat in 26oz. I cracked it and have a warranty bat on the way. If anyone has one of these and wants to part with it let me know. Model number (M1220A).
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    For Sale 26oz SBF WFF Balanced barcode and receipt $99

    Looking to get sell my 26oz WFF balanced. Scales at 26.2oz. I used it for about 15 games and one BP session so it is in good condition, I'd say 150 swings on it max. Warranty is valid until June 2020. I'd trade for a Demarini Nautalai balanced 25 or 26oz. Also a 26oz FF2 or FF3 loaded.
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    For Sale 26oz ASA Miken Freak Primo Balanced

    I just bought this bat new September 27th 2019. I have the receipt and barcode. I've put 50 swings on it with 52 cor balls only. Very little field wear and only a few ball marks on it. Asking for $170 shipped to your door.
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    Price Check 2019 Miken KP23 ASA 26oz

    I got this bat at the of March with the receipt dated for end of March also with barcode. The bat does have a rattle but if it blows you have a valid warranty. Just checking what it's worth. Thanks.
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    New stamp coming? What does this mean?

    Is this legit? My buddy sent me this and told me to not buy any more bats with the old stamp, good thing I'm down to 3.
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    2019 ASA freak primo long barrel

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the ASA primo maxload or balanced? I had the 2017 ASA platinum and I loved the bat except for the flexy handle. Just seeing if the handles are stiffer for 2019 or still flexy.
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    Why do new ASA bats crack so easy with a harder ball?

    This is something I've always wondered. The newer ASA bats are designed for the .52 cor ball. I've never cracked a Utrip bat but have broken a total of 3 ASA bats hitting .44 cor or .40 cor balls. Is it because the barrel is harder compared to a Utrip bat so there's less flex in the barrel?
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    Are the Mercy's still the best ASA bats?

    I play coed with a few of my tournament teammates and our wives/GF's. All of our ASA bats are 26oz-28oz. Our women are petite with not much muscle so we want to get them the lightest bat possible. Is the 2018 Demarini Mercy in 25oz the best light bat we could get for them? Also is this bat...
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    2018 Freak12 balanced rattle

    I bought the 2018 20th anniversary Freak12 balanced when it was released a couple months ago. The bat has been fire after 1 batting practice with it. I've used it in maybe 30 games plus a tournament. Just noticed I have a rattle in the barrel. Can I warranty return this bat? I also have the...
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    Looking for a pitcher Tuesday nights Pleasanton CA (bay area)

    Hey guys I've assembled a pretty solid defensive and offensive team for Tuesday nights starting the week of July 10th. Unfortunately our pitcher can't play Tuesdays due to prior commitments. Our last piece to the puzzle is a good pitcher. If you're interested send me a message and we'll exchange...
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    Need 1-2 female players for Coed 04-26-17 In Pleasanton Ca

    My coed team just had 2 girls bail. I know it's short notice but if you know any girls who are down send me a message and I'll give you my phone # to contact me with. Thanks
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    Price Check 2016 Freak30 27oz NR NIW

    Like the title says. I haven't even wanted to unwrap and use this bat because I got a 2016 Freak Patriot balanced that my team and I can't stop swinging. So I think imma dump the Freak30 and get a Freak Platinum balanced as my back up bat. Thanks for the help.
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    How is Miken on warranty claims?

    I just sent in my 27 oz 2015 Miken freak black max load for performance issues. This thing was fire for 2 full seasons but now the sound has changed to more of a thud than a loud crack and it just doesn't seem to have that exit speed. The guys on my team even said it seems broken. My question...
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    If you could only have 1 Miken in your bag...

    I'm shopping a new U trip bat and have read nothing but good things about the new Mikens, it seems everyone that buys them loves them and that they're not just Worth repaints or vice versa. I was just wondering if you had to pick one Miken between the white DC41 reissue or the new freak...
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    anyone swing the *** exclusive cartel?

    I was looking for a u trip demarini with a 13" barrel and this is the only one I can find besides a ONE or lawman. Anyone ever swing one? What'd you think of it compared to other demarini's? Thanks in advance.
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    looking for a team in the bay area.

    Hello forum members I'm a 29 year old male looking for a team anywhere in the east bay from fremont to Livermore to Berkeley. I can play any position but am most comfortable at shortstop or second base. On my current team I'm 12 for 20 with 1 homerun. 3 of those outs were lasers that the...
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    2014 juggy vs 2014 flipper am

    hey new member here. My wife and i play in a coed league and we noticed our teams single wall alloy bats arent cutting it compared to other teams bats. I have found the Juggy and the flipper am on clearance for $180 and $200 each in 27oz form. Im more of screaming liner, 300 foot bomb hitter...