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    Baseball bat

    So what happened to there baseball bats? Are they done making them..wonder if, could Go down there and pick some up??
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    Need 1 ( OF ) For this sat !!!!

    Helping a buddy out , they need a OF for psts this sat at worthy park in HB... LMK THX...
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    Question ??

    Just pick up a OG white steel in a trade...Picked it up for league night games , Just want to know how good are these bats ???
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    What's the going rate 4 ???

    I got a 26oz synthesis in good cond ...What's the going rate or a good trade (ASA Bat ) ?????
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    What's the going rate 4 ???

    What's the going rate for a 26oz synthesis , It's in ok cond.No cracks, spider webbing, just normal wear ?????
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    Old Skool ?

    If you could only swing 1 which one would it be syn 2 or a synthesis???? Same or are they different ???
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    26oz Mizuno Wrath Extented...Less then 30 swings on it......Look'n for a a 26oz or 27oz......or something else....LMK