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    In my experience that isn't the case (off a tee), in ~30F weather. My bro science/feel says the 40/525 is turning into a 25/700, and the 52/300 is turning into a 40/525.
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    There's some truth to that, like jbo said, a 52/300 should perform better than a 44/400 with a wood bat. There's ranges to these things as well. If a bat has too low a compression it may not be able to "rebound" as well and performance won't be better than it was 200 swings ago. And if a ball...
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    Bat reviews

    Seems dead.
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    League Ump Fees

    Yeah the whole "if you pay for something you value it more" effect is crazy. I've asked individuals to sub this year ~20 times, and asked full teams about 6 times, and have gotten one total sub. Conversely I've played 43 games this year and only 13 were with my actual teams.
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    lol 3 digit temperature.... and ball distance...

    Yeah humid air should increase carry (humid air is less dense), but the humidity ****s with the ball (reduces exit speed). Cold air is denser than hot air as well, but the same thing happens to the ball, heat = softer = lower exit velo. (Although I think really cold days, around freezing or...
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    2020 super Z ?

    Prob. just calling it the Z2000 this year...
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    Need an opinion

    I always hear "we would never do that" but in practice I rarely see teams actually bend/ignore a rule for the benefit of the other team (there's a reasonable number of no ump leagues around here). So I'd recommend strictly enforcing the rules if it's to your benefit, and don't be mad when the...
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    WTF does that even mean?
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    Me or the glove?

    What does that mean? What again? Blood pressure is a little high? Dropping line drives are pretty tough FYI.
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    It's in the title. FYI that channel is 99.9% sponsored in some way by Demarini, they constantly plug their bats, not exactly an unbiased review.
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    anyone has any experience using "Pop Toss Green one"?

    I got mine early in the year. I always used a bucket for protection (now using 2 as they recommend) but it took a couple shots over a lot of BP and survived until a shot a few weeks ago. They sent out a new part for free to Canada no questions asked and quickly, and it's back to working. It's...
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    USSSA/ISA bat compared to OG Flex

    A broken in Flex is pretty soft, the new bats might be better but I don't think the difference is huge.
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    Girl Pitching Coed

    What? College softball player sounds good, but the talent level drops fast once you get past the top 75 teams or so (and there's 1600+ college softball teams). Even in the elite top 30 D1 games, a 240 foot shot is considered a bomb (~74mph exit speed). With a mask and other protection, go for...
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    anyone has any experience using "Pop Toss Green one"?

    I think I'm getting around 20 feet off mine, pitching off grass. I'll echo a lot of Terror's frustration though.
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    Easton Plague

    Christan Dowling, an Easton rep, said FF2 but she could be mistaken. I haven't seen any website which refers to it having 360 Exact carbon which I believe is what they advertise the FF2 as having, so maybe it is FF1, as it's also a SP18 model. Edit: NVM, it's a SP19 model (SP19PL), so it...
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    Easton Plague

    Pretty sure it's FF2, not OG.
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    Combat 44-375 Softballs

    Anyone have any info on these? Durable, good BP balls, etc.
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    Easton Blue Line, Santana, Mutant BP

    Thanks for posting, how big is the field?
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    Choose between 3 bats

    All are obviously good, but since you already have a somewhat recent Miken I'd go with the Nautalai.
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    Great Rotation proves Size Doesn't Matter to these athletes SM#87

    The guy who rambles about irrelevant things and can't comprehend that a 79mph exit speed /= a 79 mph swing complains about coherency...