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  1. Mark1980

    Knuckling HR

    I really don't remember seeing this before, I know I sure as hell have never done it before. But in fall ball the other night I get a pitch inner half and put maybe the best swing on a ball I ever have, felt great. Screaming liner off the bat, I watch it fly for a split second and see its...
  2. Mark1980

    Ever Play In An All Weekender?

    Starting Friday night at 6 I am playing 10 games to 11pm Saturday night round robin and then a seeded tourney after that. Not sure how it is all gonna work, but hell I know I'll be playing 10 games in the span of 29 hours. Game times are like 6pm, 7pm, 1am, 5am, 7am, 11am 12pm, 1pm, 7pm, 11pm...
  3. Mark1980

    Another Middle Thread (Serious Question)

    I hate going middle on purpose, and have never hit middle to try to hit someone. But I've noticed in our fairly competitive league other than a few teams, most teams pitchers are the biggest cry babies I've ever seen. Couple dudes out there start throwing a fit if you get a hit between the 2nd...
  4. Mark1980

    GTG marcus996 buyer

    Deal went exactly as planned.
  5. Mark1980

    For Trade 09 28oz Ressy

    Bat is in pretty good condition, little to no webbing, slight rattle, is returnable with a valid receipt until August. Dont wanna sale, just looking for another bat. I love this bat, but I wanna try something new, something I havent done before... I wanna try swinging a 26oz bat. Would...