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  1. mlbcheung

    LTB Black I-Trap Web

    Anyone got one of these lying around? I have a Rawlings 303 13" with a basket web that I'm looking to swap out. One from a Spalding Pro Select would be perfect. Checking before I order a new one, thanks!
  2. mlbcheung

    GMP700 Web Swap

    I'm thinking of doing a web swap for my new GMP700 to a H-web. Any recommendation for dimensions of the web to order? Thanks all! This glove would be for slowpitch OF.
  3. mlbcheung

    LTB Mizuno Pro Limited 12.75" GMP700 - LHT

    Looking for LHT, preferably black. Both new or used is okay, hopefully not too much wear though! Thanks.
  4. mlbcheung

    LTB Used RHT 12.5-12.75 A2000/HoH/PP

    I'm looking for a used higher quality glove for my wife for softball. She mainly plays 2B/Rover in our league. Preferably a glove that's >75% broken-in, but no rips/tears/holes on the internals. Let me know what you got! Thanks!!
  5. mlbcheung

    For Sale/Trade LHT Spalding Pro Select 12.75" First Base Mitt - SOLD

    I'm selling my Spalding Pro Select 12.75" First Base Mitt. Glove is left handed throw. H-web, kip leather, excellent value glove. Condition is like new, only started doing some light mallet work to it. Still very stiff and requires break-in before it's game-ready. SOLD...