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    LS Z4 endloaded (27oz)

    Swinging balanced bats these days, just can’t jive with the end load anymore I guess. It’s a 27 on the knob but scales 26.6. Not see how many swings since I got it in a trade but it’s supposed to be around 300 or so, no seams or cracks at all. Would sell for $100 shipped but looking for Asa...
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    Balanced/ midload ASA 26oz

    Prefer 12" barrel but curious to what's out there. Have $150 to spend. No flippers please
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    LTS/LTT: 26oz Deuce

    I have a 26oz Deuce is great condition, pics posted below. Would sell for $120 shipped but prefer a trade for balanced bat in the 26oz to 27oz (please no Z4 or superZ). Can add cash or pay for shipping on trades as incentive. Show me what you have, looking for: 12"-13.5" barrel 26-26.5 scale...
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    LTB 26oz Demarini Deuce

    either year fine, what’s out there?
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    LTB Budget ASA Bat: 26oz End Load or 27oz Balanced

    looking for some oldie but goodies, particularly might be interested in a Combat. I have a budget of about $80 shipped. Show me what you got =]
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    2011 SRV3 vs Like New SP15SVA

    help me choose! I’m looking to buy a cheap ASA bat for myself. I am able to buy either a lightly used SRV3 or a new(less than 50 swing) ASA only Salvo. We use a 40/275 ball. It is better to get an older Tier 1 bat or a new Tier 2?
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    Looking for new co-ed league near North OC/Whittier, CA

    we've had some recurring issues with a league we played in, so we want play in a different league next season. We'd like to continue playing Sundays... what sort of options are out there for us?
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    WANTED: 3 girls for Sunday COED in Whittier

    We may have spots open for guys as well, but we're sort of reserving those for packaged deals, sorry guys. We play at York Field in Whittier on Sundays. Next season doesn't start until August, but we are rebuilding the team. We play on "D" division so we dont need pros, but we'd love to be...