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  1. lx_2nv

    Price Check 2018 USA Flipper 26oz

    Asking for a friend, 30 hit USA Flipper 26 oz. Minty, R&R. Don't have pics. Thanks.
  2. lx_2nv

    Official 2018 Last AB Thread

    Guess I'll start it...with a foul out in a one pitch indoor tourney.
  3. lx_2nv

    Official 2017 Last AB Thread

    Here you go!
  4. lx_2nv

    Demarini or Louisville?

    Looking to get my DD a new stick for her birthday. She has swung the CF8 and really liked it, but everyone is trying to convince me the Xeno is the way to go. What's everyones thoughts and why? Currently she's swinging a Boombah Tsunami. She has a Mako too but never swings it.
  5. lx_2nv

    2016 Last AB Thread

    Figured it's that time of year, and I just played forst games/tourney of year. Weak dribbler to pitcher...Only batted .500 for tourney...gotta knock that rust off.
  6. lx_2nv

    Baden (MD) Burn Tournament

    Anyone going? HR derby starts at 6 right?
  7. lx_2nv

    GTG Joecurrier is VGTG

    Sent a bat out to him and BGF to try out. He made an offer that I gladly accepted. He's a VGTG board bro!
  8. lx_2nv

    Dear Combat,

    Thank you for blessing my life with the Guilt. PLEASE make it again next year - exactly the same but dual stamp. I will pay $500 for this!! Your friend, LX
  9. lx_2nv

    Is there an ASA Combat that Swings Like the Guilt?

    Right now I can swing most Utrip bats in my ASA league. Was told last night that they are switching to ASA only next year....which is stooooopid but whatever. I was thinking of looking for another Guilt...but now wondering if there is an ASA bat that hits similar. Thanks in advance...and I...
  10. lx_2nv

    2015 Last At Bat Thread

    Thought I'd start a new thread for the year...especially since I ended my night with a hit. 12 foot high line drive up the middle. Won both games.
  11. lx_2nv

    Price Check 2014 Mercy 26oz

    Hey - thinking about putting my Mercy on the selling block. If I decide to sell I will take better photos with name and date, just wanted ball park price. 200~ hits, with receipt dated July 2014. Great shape, no webbing, tracking, end cap sep. Thanks.
  12. lx_2nv

    Price Check 27.5 Sonic +

    Looking at a 27.5 Sonic +, 200 swings with receipt. Thanks.
  13. lx_2nv

    Price Check Blackout (Black and Yellow) 26.5

    Less than 300 swings, some of the clear has chipped off on grey border, but otherwise great shape. Not sure I am ready to move it - but I just never swing it. Thanks.
  14. lx_2nv

    Price Check Orange DBA 28oz

    Less than 150 hits, no tracking. Paint chip near the cap. Not m100% sure I want to move yet - but I really do want a DC41. Thanks!
  15. lx_2nv

    Mizuno Blackout or Swagger???

    Wasn't really looking for a new glove, but was strolling through the local DSG and saw these gloves yesterday...The Blackout is very light, the leather on it was soft and it felt about game ready. Love the design of the Swagger, and it too felt near game ready. I can't at this time justify...
  16. lx_2nv

    Buying Two New Bats...Which ones?

    I have a decent collection now, but I am thinking about picking up two new sticks - because the prices is right. I have it narrowed down to three bats - DC41 USSSA Balanced Z2000 (red one) CL22 Now I primarily play ASA - but can swing Utrip bats. Right now my two favorite bats are a...
  17. lx_2nv

    Looks Like I am Out for 6 Weeks

    Broke my fibula on the 4th...can't drive or bear weight for at least 2.5 weeks. Ughhh. Damn cornhole. Rant over
  18. lx_2nv

    Need a New Glove

    New to this section of the boards - and sorry I have not searched a ton...But my old Wilson (no clue model) is about worn out. I need a new one. I am looking for a decent 13". Looking to keep it as close to $100 as possible (New Only). I like the gloves with a velcro wrist strap and pointer...
  19. lx_2nv

    Price Check Miken Ultra Maxload (2013)

    Have a 100 hit 26oz Ultra Max that my buddy wants. Whats a good price to ask?
  20. lx_2nv

    Possibly Looking to Pick Up Some Men in Charles County MD Thursdays

    The "manager" of our team and one of the players (who is sponsoring the team) just had a falling out. Looks like we (sponsor and I) may be starting a new team, but may need a few players. It's Charles Co. MD Mens League, Thursday Nights (lower level).