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    LTB 2019 Adidas Aeroburner Hybrid 33/30

    LTB 33/30 bat for my son. He just turned 15 and his team is moving up to Jr Legion ball this summer. I'm hoping to find him the 2019 Adidas Aeroburner Hybrid 33/30 but lmk what you got thanks!
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    LTB 13" RHT softball glove

    My son is wanting to get into softball and I'm looking to get a glove for him. Not looking to spend anything over-the-top, just need a good mid-level glove and wanting to stay at or under $100. At 14, he's already 6' and 210 lbs, and wants to play outfield so I'm guessing a 13" would be a good...
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    LTB Looking to buy a durable 28oz bat for BP.

    Looking for a durable bat for batting practice. I prefer a 28oz balanced bat and would really like to find an old Worth MAY98, M798, M7598, or one of the utrip models if they're still available. 28oz DeMarini The One MLC or og The One? LMK what you have for sale even if it isn't one of these I...
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    What's new in balanced 28oz DeMarini bats?

    Been a long time since I've posted. Not up to par on all the new bats but I'm looking for a good, balanced, 28oz DeMarini and not sure what's out there. Any suggestions on what to look at? Been swinging older endloaded bats (27oz red OVL Juggy and 27.5oz silver Insane) but want to get back to...
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    LTB A decent glove for Little League

    Looking for a decent glove for my son. He's 11, 5'3 and about 135lbs. I'm looking for something better than the cheap LL gloves the local sporting goods store sells. He has this year and next for Little League play and he plays the infield corners the past couple years. Any suggestions on size...
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    Anyone have an updated review of the ASA Insane?

    Just picked up a used 27.5 oz Insane for ASA play. Does anyone have any updated reviews they can share? How many hits does it take for the break in process? How many hits now? Gamer status or you using something else? Lmk what you have to share. South Dakota is ASA only so the Insane U info I...
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    Tech question: Lighter bats vs heavier bats

    Seems like there's less and less 30 oz bats and now fewer 28oz bats. Being a player who always preferred 28oz bats (og Juggernaut, J2, EVOs, RD28, Mayhems, Mutants, Freaks, and 30oz Extended and Flex, etc.) I have a hard time adjusting to lighter bats and now more and more bats are coming out...
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    What's your gamer for the .52/275 softballs?

    Looking to buy a bat for USSSA; NSA; ISA sanctioned tournaments. Just seeing what everyone's go to bat is and any help to point me in the right direction. My preference has been 28oz balanced bats. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance and looking forward to what your gamer is.
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    27oz ASA JUGGY OVL

    Been a while since I posted or paid attention to what's new and taking bats out to BP but I just picked up a 27oz OVL yesterday. How are these out of the wrapper? Break in time? Anyone have one and willing to share some info? Thanks for the help!
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    For Sale/Trade 27oz asa RD28 and 30oz J3A

    27oz RD28, unknown number of hits, finally started getting some webbing this year. Endcap wear due to use on crappy infields over the years. Returnable but no receipt. $200 OBO 30oz J3A, some scratches and paint chips from using it this year. Seen catchers throw my bat towards the dugout...
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    For Sale/Trade Suite Tickets: Rays vs Twins

    I won two suite tickets (Suite 8; Row 1; Section 1) for the Tampa Bay Rays at the Minnesota Twins game. September 13, 2013. 7:10pm. It doesn't look like I'm going to be in Minnesota to use them :( I have no idea what the value is on them but not looking to have someone overpay. Just looking...
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    New DeMar = 26oz CF3?

    Been a while since I've posted, just checking if anyone knows of any new DeMarini bats (FP or SP) that are weighted the same as the 26oz CF3. I miss mine :(
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    LTB 27oz DeMarini J3A

    I'm looking to buy a 27oz DeMarini J3A. Used NR or NIW NR is fine. Let me know what ya want for it. PM or post here. Sorry don't have anything I would want to trade for one :(
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    LTB LTB/LTTF 27oz RD28U

    I'm looking to buy or trade for a 27oz RD28U, maybe a 26 or 28, if I can't find a 27oz. Trade bait would be a 30oz og ASA J2. I'll have pics posted tonight or tomorrow. Let me know what's out there. Cash can be added to even out the deal. PM pics of your RD28U please.
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    The Juggernaut....

    Why did I even stop swinging the Juggernaut? Finally broke out the 2nd batch Juggernaut in BP last night. We probably put 180 to 200 hits on it. No webbing, no rattles, not even close to being broke in yet but still hit some out. Dam it feels good to swing the Juggernaut again. That is all.
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    Any J3U updates out there?

    I have a 28oz J3U and I've put about 800 hits on mine. I let a few others swing it in games and BP so an estimate of 900 to 1,000 swings on it. At least half the hits have come with .44/375 ASA's that spent the entire day in my car's trunk in 95 to 105 degree outside temps. before BP. It's...
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    28oz J3U Review

    First off, I have about 500 hits on the J3U. Still has the J2U ping from time to time when I miss the sweetspot but the .44/375's have still been flying out. I finally hit on a 300' field, we had a good wind blowing in from left my guess would be 15mph with gusts in the 20's. Before our game...
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    Fs/ft 31/21 scn1b

    SOLD SCN1B, about 300-400 hits by my daughter who was 9 and my son who was 5 when they did use it last year. Hits off the batting tee and slow pitch and nothing too fast, more like a modified pitch trying to get my daughter used to faster pitch. No crack, rattles, webbing or anything like...
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    LTB 28.5oz og JH MAY120

    Buddy needs a 28.5oz og JH MAY120. The red/blue one. Send me some offers, want to buy ASAP.
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    Anyone in the Orlando, FL area?

    I am going to Orlando, FL during the week of June 10th -16th for workshops. Anyone in the Orlando area? If I get tired of Disney World, I would be really interested in some BP or just gettin to meet some fellow SBF bros and hang out for the evening and watch some softball.