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  1. Lord7

    Super quick Mercy 2014 review with pics.

    They are purple and white, no isf stamp, weighed anywhere from 26 to 26.5 oz. Not for sale here, don't waste our time pm me bc they really arent for sale here.
  2. Lord7

    utrip sick barrel feel soft or hard?

    Ive not hit !Many Worth's lately and have a coupon for two free bats at a place that has a limited selection so I will likely get two Worth's. I did hit the pink 454 jeff hall a few times last year and thought it was soft, which I prefer. So how does the sick like compare to barrel wise to...
  3. Lord7

    Got tracking info on my 3 z3k preorders is all

    Just sharing for those of you wondering. Im not even excited bc I see them busting and Im in a cast.
  4. Lord7

    Are blackouts prone to paint cracks?

    Was at the field and buddy had a new green balanced blackout and it already had webbing and a 7 inch crack that looked like a paint crack on the seam?? I dont know how many hits he had on it, but he just got it like last week new so I doubt many.
  5. Lord7

    found a place with 2014 mercys for 203 shipped!!!

    And don't bother asking me where bc I bought up their entire stock. Brag post!
  6. Lord7

    LS customer service and z3k and red catty info

    Just got off trying to get RA#s... What a pain. Have a bad QC z2k that broke ten months ago but ive been holding onto it in hopes of a z3k. Had to answer all of these questions like how many balls did I hit, what was the weather, and how would I rate the performance of the bat.... Anyways...
  7. Lord7

    Was bored and bought a jh utrip legit last night, how do they compare to z2ks?

    Z2k being my favorite all time bat, are these jh legits even close?
  8. Lord7

    Anyone here ever have a lunotriquetral wrist fusion???

    That's what I had done back in December. I'm still on a cast and have about 4 weeks to go. I really don't know what the recovery time is for going back to playing. My doc said some contradictory things. I keep getting calls from people I know wanting me to be on there spring team, but I have...
  9. Lord7

    And the Official award for the 2013 Bat of the Year goes to...

    Intelligence, luck and hard work have allowed me to be in a position that enables me to swing nearly every bat that every manufacturer puts out each year. I have no loyalty to any company and you'll find multiple companies in my bag at any time of the season. I generally provide the most...
  10. Lord7

    Merry Christmas Demarini Bros!

    Great night at the L7 household! Hope you and your families have a great one!!
  11. Lord7

    Wish me luck, Wife says she got me a softball related Christmas present!!!

    Im opening tonight and will report back. She never gets me softball stuff, so Im kind of nervous!
  12. Lord7

    Surgery tomorrow. What can I do to improve with only my right hand???

    Ive been dealing with a torn triquetral ligament in my hand for a few years now and decided to have it fixed. I know you are all thinking how the heck does this dude mash 400 feet with a torn hand/wrist ligament, but please ponder that on your own time and focus on my question here, which is...
  13. Lord7

    For Sale Nice returnable 28 oz. B3 for 112 gifted
  14. Lord7

    For Sale 6 at bat Utrip Combat Wanted $112 gifted!
  15. Lord7

    For Sale Deals so good you'd be dumb to offer me lower. Wanted, B3, CL22

    All bats are returnable. CL22 28 ounces, less than 15 hits. Receipt from 2 month ago. Actual weight was 27 something. $165 gifted B3 has like less than 50 hits on it. 28 ounces $112 gifted Combat utrip Wanted 26 ounces. Used it for 6 or so at bats in a tournament. $112 gifted...
  16. Lord7

    Playing in my first real sanctioned tournament and have some questions

    Im playing in the Disney Holiday Classic this weekend up in Orlando because some local team begged me to play for them and I have some questions. 1. Where online can you all and my family go to watch me play? 2. What would be a good utrip bat to not hit homers with bc I have trouble...
  17. Lord7

    I always like to brag

    on people that arent myself, however I have much respect for the team that stomped my team in the church playoffs this past weekend. I've played against them 35 times in my short career and we have only won three times. We double dipped them last year and they went back to the drawing board...
  18. Lord7

    Why the minimal love for the Sp12sy100

    Is it because it doesn't have a softball star's name attached to it? Bat came out the same year as the other ones but nobody seems to go on about it like the st100h or wegman, or st100. Is this bat that bad or is it the same as those others and just overlooked???
  19. Lord7

    For once I actually need some advice! Pitching palm down....

    I have become one of my team's pitcher and I'll be honest and say I can only consistently throw strikes when I release the ball palm down. It's the only way I feel comfortable with it. My question, is are there any "specialty" type pitches I can work on that utilize the palm down release...
  20. Lord7

    For Sale Nice deal on 2 Easton ASA bats

    26 ounce L6 and 28 ounce B3 that has less than 25 hits on it. Both returnable. L6 is crushing the ball. No receipts. $215 gifted for the pair.