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  1. steel

    For Sale Scn3, Srv5, Srv6

    All in 27. Scn3 has unknown # of cuts. Guessing between 4-600. Webbed up pretty good and was piss hot last year. $300 obo. Srv5 has under 200 cuts. Rnr. $100 shipped. sold Srv6 has under 200 cuts. Nr. $100 shipped. All are obo. Will have pics up tomorrow. All bats have been sold
  2. steel

    For Sale 27oz Duo

    Got a Duo in 27 i'm looking to sell. Less than 100 cuts. A few web lines. Returnable but no receipt. $165 shipped. Add the fees or gift it. No trades. Pics to come shortly. Btw, if the price is off i'm sure you guys will let me know. OBO sold
  3. steel

    For Sale 11 Ressy titan/Duo/Srv4

    Got an 11 Ressy titan Niw 27 returnable w/receipt. $150 shipped. Got a Duo in 27 returnable, no receipt. $175 shipped. Got a Srv4 in 27 Niw for trade or i can take the wrapper off and sell. $190 shipped. Ressy is sold Duo is gone
  4. steel

    For Sale NIW 11 Ressy Titan

    I have a NIW 27oz Ressy Titan. 2011, Returnable with receipt. No trades. Need the $$$. Trade offer pm's won't be answered. $170 shipped.
  5. steel

    For Sale 26 Recoil Max asa MINT

    Got a 26 Recoil max in MINT condition for SALE ONLY, NO TRADES. Trade offer PM's will be ignored.Slight lite scuff near end wich i tried to get a closeup in picture #2. Og grip removed. Sale price is $270 shipped priority. Paypal as gift or add the 3%.Sold
  6. steel

    Noobs kill me

    Tried to do a deal with another noob here and this is the response i get. longhornatx Part Time Player Last Online: Today 07:06 PM Join Date: Dec 2010 Posts: 14 Re: wse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: Originally...
  7. steel

    GTG ReyII

    Did a trade with him earlier in the week. Shipped when he said he would and bat was exactly as described. Extremely GTG board bro! Don't hesitate to deal with this guy. Thanks again!!
  8. steel

    For Trade Og Scx2

    Got a 26 Og Scx2 2nd batch up for trade. Not the original owner so unsure of cuts. I'd guestimate 400+. Og grip removed. No webbing that i can see and no rattle. Don't think it's even broke in yet. Open to any and all trades. SOLD
  9. steel

    WSE Vs LE

    Is there any difference in performance between the Wse and the Le? From what i could gather they are the same bat. Wse is numbered and the Le isn't. Correct??? Any help would be appreciatted.
  10. steel

    LTTF Wse or Z1000's

    I have a Og Scx2 2nd batch with around 400 cuts as trade bait. Looking for a Wse or Z1000's Asa or Utrip. Can add cash to even out any deal. Let me know what's out there. Thanks.
  11. steel

    GTG Whitehall.............. GTG! Second deal i've done with him and everything went super smooth. Great communication through out. Traded a very nice SCX3 for a Duo, Scx2, and $$$. Don't hesitate to deal with him!
  12. steel

    For Trade Niw 27 srv6bh
  13. steel

    GTG Triple7

    Picked up a Ressy titan off him earlier in the week. Great communication through out deal. Smooth transaction. GTG in my book.
  14. steel

    For Trade Niw 27 srv6bh
  15. steel

    For Trade NIW 27 Srv6BH
  16. steel

    For Trade NIW 27 Srv6BH

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got a Srv6BH 27 NIW up for trade. Not really sure what i want in return so send me some offers. Utrip or Asa. Maybe a Asa Recoil or a Worth Wse or Duo. Possibly a Z1000. Let me know what u got. I can add cash to...
  17. steel

    For Sale/Trade 27 Clean SCX3

    Got a very clean 27oz Scx3. Unknown number of cuts. Would say less than 200. No cracks, rattles, waves, etc. Og grip has been replaced with tape. Does have a few lines of webbing that i tried to get a close up of and also a bb size chip that's also visible in the pictures. Really looking to...
  18. steel

    GTG Miken4me is GTG

    Miken4me is absolutely GTG in my book. Sold him a homeless man's personal defense weapon. (BJ Fulk). Great commmunication and fast payment! Super smooth transaction!!
  19. steel

    GTG Christirao is GTG

    Sold him some boombah pants and he paid immediately. Good communication. GTG as far as i'm concerned.
  20. steel

    GTG Youngguns

    Picked up a Srv6 on trade from Youngguns. He shipped immediately and had great communication throughout. GTG board bro as far as i'm concerned!!