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    Combat 44-375 Softballs

    Anyone have any info on these? Durable, good BP balls, etc.
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    NIW vs Used Bat

    Two 2018 Freak 23 Maxload USSSA Bats, 27oz. Bat A - NIW, but you have to unwrap it and drop it on a gravelly diamond 50 times before swinging it or showing it to your wife, friends, dog, etc. Returnable NR, no barcode. Bat B - Has 50 swings, mix of game and BP, can't be sure of why seller is...
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    View: "Rocks" are overrated in cold weather.

    I've been BP-ing in 25F weather, and the high COR balls (Ultimate Evil, Evil BP 52/300) are killing the high comp balls (BP rockets, yellow and white worth grey dots (40/400,40/525)). The worth hot dot 52/300 are doing ok. The white 40/525 worth grey dots are definitely the worst performers...
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    Tiebreaker question

    My league has 3 teams (A,B,C) tied in the standings for the last playoff spot. First tie breaker is head to head, next is runs +/-. Team A beat B 16-13, B beat C 13-12, and A and C didn't play each other. (EDIT: clarified that only 2 games total were played b/w the teams in question and added...
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    Worth Resmondo Legit - SBLUR vs SBL5UR

    How do these compare? SBLUR is the mostly orange one vs SBL5UR (mostly grey). Also, are the balanced versions as good as the Resmondos? Thanks!
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    Bicep pain from practicing oppo?

    Anyone else get this? Every time I practice oppo off a tee I get bicep pain after about 30 cuts.
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    Any Wrong ball thrown in and used by hitting team

    We use Worth Gold Dots (12") for everyone in co-ed. Batter hits a foul ball with 2 outs, the ump only has 1 ball for some reason so the hitting team throws in an 11" ball (probably accidentally). Somehow our pitcher doesn't notice, they get 2 hits and then an ISTP home run, and our outfielder...
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    Any Possible obstruction between 3rd and home

    Baserunner who started on 1st is going to 3rd, sees the throw to 3rd is way wide to the home plate side and turns for home. 3rd baseman runs into baserunner chasing after the ball which is now well into foul territory between home and 3rd. Baserunner is slowed down but still makes it home...