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  1. brando0539

    Swinging Bunt Team 5

    Better late than never, lets do this!
  2. brando0539

    Swinging Bunt Team #9

    Here's the list of team #9 and can serve as a place to chat! C: Brandon Lynn 1. Adam Heirnoymus 2. Alex Harmening 3. Brian Deaville 4. Chad Conger 5. Conor Flynn 6. Jeff Rozanski 7. Melissa Hill 8. Mike Adams 9. Paul Ashcraft 10. Tim Simmons 11. William DeBlase
  3. brando0539

    For Sale DUO, 2011 Ressy Titan, 09 JH Titan, 454 ASA

    I have four bats for sale, prices and pictures are posted below: 26.5oz 2009 JH Titan (Returnable) = $160 26oz 2011 Ressy NR = $100 ...sold 26oz 2011 Ressy Duo (Returnable) = $170 27oz 2012 Titan 454 ASA NR = $130 Send me a pm or a text if you are...
  4. brando0539

    Swinging Bunt Team #1

    Lets do this! Check in if you are out there! C: Brandon Lynn Ceasar Sarto CJ Wrede Don Kellington Jason Helm JD McTaggart Jeff Chamberlain Jon Rieger Kevin Jeffries Kevin O’Connor Mark Akers Tony Brucker
  5. brando0539


    Moving to Indianapolis in December, looking for a new team to play on. Not sure how much I'll be around during the week (will be traveling between Ohio, Indiana, Michigan). Would like to play league one or two nights a week and some tourneys. Anyone need a guy? PM for more details...
  6. brando0539

    Bunt lite team 4nQ

    Brandon Lynn - brando0539 checking in
  7. brando0539

    The Meat "Mockup"

    What do you guys think?? I like the ones with the bones on it and that's the one we are going with but just wondered what you guys though?
  8. brando0539

    GTG Kcarroll1 is very g2g

    Fast payment great communication. Enjoy the 09 ressy bro!
  9. brando0539

    For Trade My 2 for you're 1

    Two 2009 ressy titans both 26oz one returnable one not. Prolly 500 cuts on each looking for niw 454 ressy 26 oz w receipt lmk what you got can text pictures or will try and post later B - NR sold to Kcarroll1 - enjoy the bat bro I think I'll just keep the other one.
  10. brando0539

    Swinging bunt team 3

    We are team #3 Brandon Lynn - captain * Last Name First Name Ballog Adam Christopher Luke Corter Derrick Ficarra Tony Hansen Gregg Miner Justin Rozanski Jeff Stempinski Stuart Stroud Josh Studebaker Daniel Wilson Mark *
  11. brando0539

    GTG Brando0539 couldn't find this one anywhere, didn't want it to get lost :)
  12. brando0539

    GTG Crew06 Is vgtg

    Sold him Titan reload paid fast good communication! Thx again.
  13. brando0539

    For Sale 2011 Titan Reload need to sell ASAP

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011 Titan Reload 27.5 oz NR need to move today. See pictures below bat is in great shape with around 150 swings on it. Starting to "knife" slightly as I showed in pictures. Just means it's getting hot. Send me a private message or text at 309-303-9519 first...
  14. brando0539

    For Sale 2010 Worth Titan (Yellow)

    SOLD Bat is a 27oz with an estimated 3-400 swings on it. Would take $130 shipped paypal as a gift. Would like to move quickly so shoot me an offer. I will try to get pics uploaded but in the mean time send me your phone number or text me @ 309-303-9519 and I will forward the pics onto...
  15. brando0539

    GTG Swing00 is g2g

    Paid fast, great communication. Enjoy the ressy bro! B -
  16. brando0539

    For Sale NIW 2011 Ressy

    Bat is NIW and NR 26oz LMK if you want it. 170 shipped with delivery confirmation and insurance. Paypal as gift. 309-303-9519 Brandon
  17. brando0539

    GTG JimmyZ is very g2g

    Sold him a NRG500 shipped to Guam no more shipping costs then US would deal again! Thanks bro! Enjoy
  18. brando0539

    GTG Huberlawncare30 is g2g

    Fast shipping - forgot receipt but was super cool about it and shipped it out seperately right away! Would do business again, great guy! Thanks Jim!
  19. brando0539

    For Trade May98 for Triton

    I have for trade an ASA 28oz oranage Mayhem. It has probably 4-500 hits and has end cap wear as you can see. There is also a slight crack in the end cap, pictured. Looking to trade for another SBXTE or a Z1000 or other tritons. Would prefer 30oz but will listen to other offers. Don't...
  20. brando0539

    GTG sewyourown is g2g

    Sold him a 2000 DDW, fast payment knew what he wanted. Would do business again! Thanks bro - enjoy the bat! Brandon