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  1. silversword

    LTB 33" 23 or 24oz fastpitch

    Looking for a fastpitch bat, 33 length, 23 or 24oz weight. Eastons or Mikens preferred, but open to anything you got. Association stamping does not matter.
  2. silversword

    How you been E? How's the softball scene down there?

    How you been E? How's the softball scene down there?
  3. silversword

    Lakewood, CO

    so is this a go? I'll gladly pitch all day. Terry will vouch for me.
  4. silversword

    Lakewood, CO

    I want in if this goes down. I'll handle the pitching.
  5. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    another day
  6. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    ttt..... ..
  7. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    thanks for the bump, bump.
  8. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

  9. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    The first two numbers are "64" and then what looks like a K:confused:. I can't make out any other numbers besides those.
  10. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    I'm not familiar with Worth at all. Where would I find it? Under the grip?
  11. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

  12. silversword

    For Trade M7JHA for trade

    I have a 26.5oz M7JHA (Sports Authority version) for trade only. Bat has only two owners, myself included, so I can vouch that it has never been worked on (rolled, shaved) whatsoever. Bat is returnable, no receipt, original grip (has been removed so I can find the serial number), no idea to...
  13. silversword

    as crazy as this sounds..

    I just can't stop swinging my Uncensored. I originally started swinging it in BP to save my AV for games since they have the same weight and feel, but lately I've been swinging it in my non ASA leagues and the ball is coming off it with great speed. I just might have to pick up another one.
  14. silversword

    Pitcher's mask question

    I wear a gameface and usually wear oversized sunglasses while I do. Never had a problem with fit or fogging. Hope that helps.
  15. silversword

    Got the wrong guy

    You got it, yet you still haven't sent them to me. What gives?
  16. silversword

    Demarini Raw Steel ?

    It didn't seem to. The two guys that hit it after it first made the sound seemed to hit the ball solid, but the ball didn't come off the bat well at all.
  17. silversword

    Demarini Raw Steel ?

    A teammate has one that 60% of the guys on the team use. Last night he hit it, and it sounded like it cracked, but there is no visible evidence of the bat having any damage (except a slight, slight wave), so the next 2 batters used it, but on both of their hits the bat just sounded dead...
  18. silversword

    rate my team

    10 team auction league. Don't start a T.E., no PPR, normal scoring. I also will have two bench spots for waiver pickups after week 1 is over. QB E. Manning M. Stafford RB F. Gore (my one keeper) R. Mathews R. Grant WR R. Wayne M. Austin D. Bowe...
  19. silversword

    who would you keep?

    I'm in a league where I get to keep one. I have to decide between Michael Turner and Frank Gore. Who would you keep and why?
  20. silversword

    what would you swing?

    I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about