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  1. kspec24

    Price Check 2018 juggy asa

    Picked up last year's juggy in a trade, looking to sell it but have no clue what it's worth. 27oz returnable with receipt. Clean bat, no webbing, some minor scratches. I'll upload pics later.
  2. kspec24

    LTB Anarchy Demon

    Looking for a 26oz Anarchy Demon. Pm me what you have and price.
  3. kspec24

    Price Check ASA Worth Liberty

    Hey fellas, I'm looking for a price check on a ASA 26oz Worth Liberty. estimated swing count is around 300. no cracks, webbing rattles, end cap is sold. No bar code or paperwork. thanks for the help. IMG_20180804_205006 by kspec24 posted Aug 4, 2018 at 8:55 PMIMG_20180804_204936 by kspec24...
  4. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade Monsta USA Torch & Combat DBA

    For trade only: Traded: 2016 NR 26oz 3500 handle Monsta USA Torch. Bat has around 300 swing on it. Is webbed up and clacking. Does have a gouge in the end cap from when a it was tossed into a fence. Bat just passed compression by a fare margin 2 weeks ago, hasn't been swung since, I think it...
  5. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade 26 Asa dc41

    26oz ASA DC41 r/r with both barcodes. Bat has around 200 cuts, all with 52's. It has one spiral that I tried to get a pic of, and some ground scratches. No other issues at all. $170 gifted or you pay fees, shipped priority. Trade offers welcome, asa bats only please Trade to sotiredofbs
  6. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade L3 & usl4
  7. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade DNA stiff x2 USL4 &L3

    All bats gone thanks I'm not swinging these so they gotta go. See the following descriptions for each bat. All prices are gifted and include shipping. More pics are available per request. Looking for the following bats for trade, cash can be added each way to even out a deal, NR are fine...
  8. kspec24

    For Sale 26.5oz Mutant RI ASA KSMJHA
  9. kspec24

    For Sale NIW J3a, NIW Cluggy, 14 Juggy

    All sold.....
  10. kspec24

    For Sale Demar, Worth, Monsta, Mizuno

    Got a few bats i'm looking to offload. only looking to sell, not looking to trade at this time. all prices are gifted and shipped to the lower 48. NIW 27oz NR J3A (bubble knob) - I didn't really think i would ever move this, but its been i sitting in my closet for the last 2 years, and i...
  11. kspec24

    For Sale Wilson A2000 1883 pro-stock 1st glove

    Wilson A2000 A2800 1883 pro-stock 12 1/2" 1st base glove (Made in Japan), used off and on for 2 seasons. the glove is still stiff, not fully broke in yet. looking for $130 obo (Sold)gifted shipped to the lower 48.
  12. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade 27oz 220 Ressy R/R

    TRADED!!! 27oz 220 Ressy returnable with receipt dated 12/26/2014 and bar code. Just got the bat in a trade, was told around 100 cuts. it has the smallest pebble rattle, if you shake the bat hard. sale price $180 gifted or you add fees, shipped to the lower 48. Only looked for 26-27oz...
  13. kspec24

    For Trade 27oz White DC-41 Supermax

    Up for trade is Last years DC-41 returnable, receipt has expired. 300-400 swings, comes with lizard skin grip. mainly looked for 26 - 27oz ASA EL bats at this time, but might consider a utrip bat.
  14. kspec24

    For Sale Demarini F4

  15. kspec24

    For Sale Demarini F4

    27oz Demarini F4 NR for sale. unknown number of hits, no dents, no flat spots. gifted or add fees, shipped to the lower 48. SOLD for $80
  16. kspec24

    LTB LTB Derby balls.

    Looking to buy 6-12 derby balls. Bought some thanks Ultimate Evils Dudley ZN Apex bullet Ext. Lmk what you have. Thanks
  17. kspec24

    Price Check 27oz J3A

    Price check for 27oz J3A returnable w/receipt around 50 swings against 52's. yes it is the graffiti knob. date on the receipt is 7/30/2013 Thank you everyone for your input. Bat sold for $280
  18. kspec24

    For Sale 27oz Miken Ultra ASA (SOULTA) $100 obo

    27oz Miken Ultra ASA (SOULTA). I am not the OG owner, Estimating this has around 300-400 swings. there is some light spiral webbing starting, this is not raised and is very hard to see (in pic #3). $100 obo Shipped, Gifted or you pay fees. SOLD Locally
  19. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade Wilson A2000LE, Custom M2

    Both gloves have been moved. thanks. I am posting these for a friend so don't bash me on prices. any trades will have to be Demar only. Wilson a2000 L22 Number 30/500. Lightly used. Not fully broken in yet. Year old used in 10 games. Will consider trades for Demarini bats. Otherwise asking...
  20. kspec24

    For Trade 27oz Aftermath

    27oz Aftermath around 150 swings returnable with papers. no webbing, rattles, cracks, or endcap issues. only looking for a first batch 27oz J3A with the painted weight sticker in the same condition with papers. Traded to cendresfishing