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  1. SaltyVeteran

    Wilson Custom

    Are the custom A2Ks still made in Japan?
  2. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Wilson Pro Issue Catchers Mitt/1781

    Looking for two here, both pro issue, any Wilson catchers mitts as well as a 1781. Text message me at (419) 266-6804. Please message me! Thanks!
  3. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings Customs made in Philippines?

    Received notification that the first of my two customs are on the way. Have the Rawlings custom gloves always been made in the Philippines? Just something to talk about! Thanks!
  4. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Mizuno GZPIchiro51/GMP7/GMP70 RHT

    Figured I’d also throw this up here. Been looking for one of these for a good long time now. Would love to nab one.
  5. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Rawlings DCT

    Looking for a Pro Pref or HoH DCT in either black or tan, preferably new with tags. Please PM me if you have something! TY!
  6. SaltyVeteran

    Japanese Rawlings Leather Cleaner?

    Looking to buy some of this stuff, though it has been notoriously hard to track down. Please let me know if anyone has a line on any of it. Thanks!
  7. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings Custom

    Hello All! Been a while since I posted here, but a quick question: How do the Rawlings custom gloves run? Bigger… smaller? Thank you!
  8. SaltyVeteran

    Glovesmith Custom USA

    Morning All, Going after a custom GS glove here shortly. Looking at either the 12.5 or the 12.75 pattern. Some 12.5's patterns are more naturally bowl shaped. Some are not, and as I'm unfamiliar with GS's patterns I would appreciate any and all input here on either of these patterns...
  9. SaltyVeteran

    Wilson Customs Problems

    Well folks, Wilson seems to have **** the bed. My first custom was finished at the Japan shop on the 18th, then arrived at their distribution center on the 24th. To date I have not received any kind of shipping confirmation that it has started to make it's way to me. I called on Monday, they...
  10. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings 504 in Black oiled Horween

    Ordered June 3rd, received June 27. The 504 and the oiled Horween are everything that I'd hoped they'd be. More to follow tomorrow.
  11. SaltyVeteran

    Wilson Custom

    So after the long wait, my first custom a2k has finally reached stage 8. It's done and being shipped stateside to their distribution center. I'm wondering how long that will take... Patience is a virtue and all... to be fair I've fared pretty well, but Lord I hate it anyways.
  12. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Mizuno GMP7BK

    Still searching for one of these. Willing to pay a pretty penny, but I don't want to have to sell a kidney either. Faster communication through email: [email protected] Thank you!
  13. SaltyVeteran


    So are there any Mizuno gloves being made in Japan anymore, or do they all stem from China now? I would like to get my hands on a Japanese made Mizuno... but given their rarity would I be better off going Chinese..? I do so detest anything made in China...
  14. SaltyVeteran

    Price check: GMP7BK

    Heya Ladies and Gents, I might have something in the mix for a supposedly minty Mizuno GMP7BK. I've requested some pics, but in the meantime I would appreciate if my betters would weigh in on what it might be worth should the opportunity come my way. Thanks! Joshua
  15. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Wilson Pro Issue, Mizuno 700

    Hello all, Still looking for some pro issue love from Wilson, specifically a 1781. Also looking for a Mizuno gmp7/700 black or tan in NWT/NWOT minty condition. If you have something you believe I may be interested in, please send detailed pics to [email protected] PayPal ready. Let...
  16. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings Webs

    So many choices on the web list!!! The pro H has long been the gold standard for outfielders... but damn if I don't like the way that Y Post looks. Good objective information has been hard to come by on the Y post, and what I do have is thanks to none other than the man himself Rous! The Y...
  17. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings leathers

    So I've spent the day picking the mind of a glove genius. Rous is a gentleman. Out of the natural colored leathers in both the custom PP and HoH lines, what's the stiffest/most durable? Is their custom PP kip leather better than the retail version (Lord I hope so), or would a person be...
  18. SaltyVeteran

    Rawlings Customs and Horween

    I need an education here Ladies and Gentlemen. Looking at the Rawlings Custom page, the HoH has a few options when it comes to Horween leather... albeit in black only. So what it the difference, if any, between the oiled and the soft dual core? I've heard both good and bad things... in...
  19. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Pro Issue/Rawlings Horween

    Still looking for some new or gently used pro issue Wilson. Would definitely be interested in some yummy horween from Rawlings as well. Thanks all! Joshua - Salty
  20. SaltyVeteran

    LTB Pro Issue

    Still looking for a PI ladies and gents, as well as a project glove. No rips/tears/cracking for the project glove please! 1799 would be great. A 1781 would be like the best thing since Oreo cookies. Let me know! Text (419) 261-7181 for a faster response!