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  1. Johnny T

    For Sale 27oz asa only est xl purple one

    Bat is 27oz , around 100 hits half from bp , no issues. Got bar code & returnable . Selling only. Looking for $180obo shipped in the USA . Pm me or text 515-577-2239. Thanks
  2. Johnny T

    For Sale 2- '16 og asa Juggy's & a pink cl22

    Looking to sell a few , pm me with questions & offers. Thanks.
  3. Johnny T

    3 asa 1 utrip- all 27oz

    hey fellas I'm looking to sell a few . If I'm off a bit shoot me an offer as it's obo & thanks for looking. I'll also give ya a lil off for multiples . Thanks. No cracks or rattles , Demarinis are all returnable without receipt . And I have the worth sticker bar code for return. All 27oz. Pm me...
  4. Johnny T

    For Sale Niw nr "16 Asa only og aftermath

    hope this is ok to sell here if not please delete mods. Thanks I have a niw non returnable 2016 Asa only og aftermath for sale. Not sure on price so let's start at $180 obo. Sold local for $165
  5. Johnny T

    Price Check 2016 Asa only og nr niw

    hey guys I got a 27oz I'm looking to move if it isn't against the rules. I'm about lost with this new format. Call me old fashioned. What is it worth? New in wrapper , non returnable 27. Lmk , thanks
  6. Johnny T

    2016 Asa only og aftermath

    I love this bat & own a few & may pick up another . I'm just wondering why ya don't see hardly any for sale especially 26's. I was told that Demarini isn't making any more at this time , is that true ? And if so are they gonna ? Talked to a few reps who said they don't know if they'll get any...
  7. Johnny T

    Ltb NR 2016 Asa og aftermath

    not certain of new rules & update but just wondering if anyone has a 26 niw or minty on the cheap. That's why I put non return. If ya got one cheap. Lmk thanks. If not allowed please delete mods
  8. Johnny T


    26oz stiff DNA , minty or clean for teammate
  9. Johnny T

    Buddy looking for a tourney team in/around Harrisburg Pennsylvania

    Got a buddy who just moved there this week . He plays "d" & plays infield mainly & has a good stick. Crushes the ball . He just got back from corkys & they took 4th. He's looking to get on a tourney team . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Johnny T

    New bat company??

    Well .. Have y'all heard about the new bat company coming out? It's called anarchy bat company. I guess it's an Asa bat that hits 52/300's. If ya have Facebook , ya can look em up or maybe find a video or 2 on YouTube I think. I was just wondering if any of ya have heard about em or...
  11. Johnny T

    For Sale 26oz bombardier with warranty. Mint >75 bp hits

    Hey guys just trying to sell this cause I got an unexpected expense come up. Just trying to get what I paid for it. No issues. Great bat. $220 +$130(lifetime warranty) $350 shipped in the u.s. Super stiff handled 4500 . Pm me or text 515-577-2239. Thanks for looking
  12. Johnny T

    For Sale 2016 mercy

    Moving this cause it's a tad heavy for my liking. Put about 80 swings on it with 44's to break it in. Starting to web nicely. It's returnable & im supposed to be receiving receipt in the mail. (Any day now). If for some reason I don't I'd knock off another $20. Sell price is $215 shipped in...
  13. Johnny T

    For Sale 2-28oz Asa only aftermaths , "14 & 15

    2015 aftermath for sale, 14 is gone No cracks or rattles , the 2015 has a receipt til September. Scale weight is 27.10 2014 is returnable but no receipt. Sold....... Looking for $165 obo shipped. Sold!!!! . Pm or text 515-577-2239
  14. Johnny T

    LTB Any 27oz balanced flex DNA's out there?

    Buddy wants one. Niw would be great. Or minty , clean. Lmk what ya got & price. Thanks
  15. Johnny T

    LTB 26oz flex or 27oz balanced DNA , prefer niw / minty

    If ya have one for sale , let me know. Must be flex. Teammate wants one. Thanks
  16. Johnny T

    For Sale "15 og Asa only aftermath

    26oz returnable , no receipt , Asa only aftermath. Has around 400 hits. All 52's. Has a lil line starting. (Web?) been there since around 200 hits & hasn't changed. Looking to sell only. $125 obo shipped in the u.s... Shoot me a pm & it's obo.
  17. Johnny T

    2016 grips availability ?

    Is there anywhere that ya can buy the new grips separate ? I'm looking for the the new pink ones that come on the mercy. Can they be bought separate or anyone not wanting theirs?
  18. Johnny T

    Any Senior bat vs 52/300 more beneficial than regular Asa only bats?

    Are there any senior bats that hit the 52/300 ball any better than the already Asa only bats? I know lots of seniors hit 44's & harder but curious to know if they have any bats made vs the 52 ball or have had great success with one. If so , how was durability , weather conditions ,&...
  19. Johnny T

    For Sale 26.5oz silver insane

    Here's the link to it :
  20. Johnny T

    For Sale 26.5oz silver insane

    I got a silver insane returnable with receipt til 5/5/15. Has around 250-300 hits. . No cracks or rattles. Few cleat marks . $215 shipped as friends in the u.s or add 3.5%. Tracking & insurance included. Pm me or text 515-577-2239 thanks