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    LTB Fast pitch bats

    I have a few 33/23 available. A couple of ‘16 Mako’s in a 33/24.
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    dttruax is GTG

    Recent purchase was smooth and painless! Bat arrived exact as described! Lightning fast shipping and well packaged! No worries here! Would definitely deal with again! Thanks, Ken
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    For Sale 25oz 2022 USA (ASA) Miken FREAK 23 Limited Edition

    PM sent your way.....
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    LTB 33" 23 or 24oz fastpitch

    PM sent your way. Give me a shout.
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    LTB Demarini carbon candy 32/22

    I found a new in wrapper 32/22 in the arsenal. Sent you a pm
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    For Sale 33/24 demarini insane CFF-19

    PM sent your way!
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    Ltb 33-23 Fastpitch bat

    PM sent your way. I have a nice selection of Fastpitch bats available.
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    Xeno fastpitch 34 inch

    I have a 2014 xeno 34/26 available. I also have a 34/25 2014 lxt model. Both in excellent shape with no issues.
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    Demarini CF9 31/20

    Exactly what I've experienced with the cf8 and cf9's.
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    Demarini CF9 31/20

    I've seen what appears to be stress cracks on the taper of my cf8 and cf9 series fastpitch bats. It hasn't been an issue but I am constantly looking to see if it gets worse.
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    LTB Fastpitchh Bat

    PM sent your way. I have some nice fastpitch bats available.
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    LTB Demarini cf8 fastpitch 32/21

    I have a couple of drop 10 cf8's in a 32" if you are unable to find a 32/21.
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    LTB 34/24 bat

    I have the following 34/24's available. A Demarini cf9, cf8, cf8 insane, cf6, cf6 insane and an Easton Mako 34/24. Shoot me a pm.
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    LTB Demarini CF8

    Looking to get $120 shipped on it.
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    LTB Demarini CF8

    I have a NIW 33/23 cf8 slapper available along with a few others. I'm at 262 483 9688 if you need some pix.
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    LTB 32/22

    Message sent your way.
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    LTB Og Easton Synergy

    I have an OG scn2 Synergy in a 26 and 27 oz.
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    Miken serial number

    If it starts with a 9 it's 2009. If it starts with a 0 it's a 2010 bat.
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    Miken serial number

    It's on the taper of the bat. The number is going to start with a 9 or 0.
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    32" -10 or -11

    What are you looking for? I have several Easton and Demarini available in a drop 10. I'm sure I can hook you up here.