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  1. bryan0316

    LTB Gold dot

    I'm looking to buy worth gold dots for league play. I'd like a dozen or 2, depending on price. Please message or text me 401-954-9367, if you can help me out. Thanks
  2. bryan0316

    looking for Da lead moose

    he did a logo and design for my team a few years ago, wondering if he is still around. Would love to touch base with him, any help would be great
  3. bryan0316

    Looking to buy worth softballs

    My league needs softballs, and our company we normally go through couldn't get them anymore. We used worths last year, need about 30 dozen. Hopefully someone can help me out
  4. bryan0316

    LTB Worth softballs for league

    Looking for help in finding worth softball for my league, gonna need a lot. Any help please PM me. League president would prefer worth but I assume open for suggestions
  5. bryan0316

    16 ressy legit vs hall legit

    Has anyone had a chance to swing both of these. I see we have a pre sale on the JH. Just wondering the difference and which people like better.
  6. bryan0316

    how long to wait. UNI

    I paid a guy on here, a good company who does a great job. Tommorow is 1 week, no mock, not alot of talk back and forth. How long is too long to wait and not be pissed
  7. bryan0316

    Irish colors

    I'm looking for a pacific 404m or hat similar. My team is a Irish bar, with white green and orange, and don't seem to be finding the right color combo. Without getting all white. Any help or ideas would be great
  8. bryan0316

    Looking for winter BP bat

    Looking for a fall/winter BP bat that will take swings and be ready to go next spring. I have a sonic + now, open to any ideas. Never really swing Easton, but I know that's the type of bat I'm looking for
  9. bryan0316

    LTB OG z2k balanced

    26 or 27oz, willing to buy or trade. Hots don't really matter. Pm me please
  10. bryan0316

    LTB shorts

    Looking to get a pair or 2 of elite shorts or something just like it, looking for black, white or maroon. We switched colors need to sorta match: pm me with any help. Thanks
  11. bryan0316

    LTTF Z2000 bal 26 or 27

    Many bats to trade New stamp JH 454 pink 26.5 less then 50 hits JH Titan 26.5 or 27.5 M75120 27 oz JH reload red white and silver 27.5
  12. bryan0316

    Championship design

    Looking to see if any you guys have any done any cool championship tshirts. Looking to get 20
  13. bryan0316

    For Sale/Trade WSE, Extended, Black Titan, and 2011 Titan reload

    Titan Reload - 27.5, webbed, slight rattle. Less then 300 hits. $105 Extended- 27, end cap wear, solid bat still. $210 Pm or text 401-954-9367. Haven't been on in awhile and thought I priced ok
  14. bryan0316

    LTTF 2013 wse

    looking for a 26 or 27oz 2013 WSE. I have bats to trade. OG WSE, extended, m75120. pm me
  15. bryan0316

    Need help

    Here is what Im looking for guys. I got jerseys from Daleadmoose a few years back, but team switched and are looking for different things. Need 18-20 pants, shirts and hats. Oregon duck colors, I havent seen any mocks of any either. Any help please pm me. my email is [email protected]
  16. bryan0316

    Need a good pic

    need some help fellas, need a pic of darth vader swings a bat or something along the lines. Light saber etc, any help is great
  17. bryan0316

    LTTF 26 or 27 Extended SCX3

    Ive got a 26oz black titan and 26 oz m75120 serial numbers available IMG][/IMG] IMG][/IMG]...
  18. bryan0316

    NorthEast Shootout

    Maybe a dumb question, but doesnt or shouldnt a major tourney as listed on have a major team in it?? As of today no major team is in the tourney
  19. bryan0316

    ASA WORLDS in September

    Any one going?? my first time to the ASA worlds, how are they???
  20. bryan0316


    great communication, quick shipping. Thanks