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    Parent interaction/suggestion

    12u travel ball
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    Parent interaction/suggestion

    What's everyone's thought on parents interjections? Let's say 2 kids in the field that need to be switched up to perform better. Is it ok to make the suggestion or do you just sit back and let it play out?
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    LTB 2018 LS LXT in any size

    30-20 nr pm me
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    29/18 Ghost UTrip

    Just a heads up, I can buy this bat online for $129 and still in return. These bats really dropped when the 2020 came out.
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    For Sale Clean out

    Back surgery has me lookin for some extra funds so if you see something and are interested at all, shoot me an offer please. All prices shipped. More pictures upon request. 1. Demarini CF4 pitchblack 33/23 No issues normal field wear. $100 2. Worth EST XTRA C555 endcap is loose, still hits...
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    Need Help Bat shows delivered but guy never received it

    Fitz what happened with this? I didn't see the buyers name anywhere. Who was it?
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    Not GTG Missing Package SilverSlugger7

    What a read this was. This has all the great features of a book or movie. You might try tonsell this to hallmark Dugout! Haha, glad you got your bat back and what a moron ss7 is. Catching a potential felony over a softball bat.
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    Swinging bunt

    Do these still happen? Last activity I see is from 2017.
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    You sure you messaged the right person?

    You sure you messaged the right person?
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    Jason Peckham

    I know he played everywhere and knew lots of people all around so I figured I'd make a thread. Unfortunately we lost Peck to a medical issue. If anyone is interested, Tuesday is visitation 4-8 funeral Wednesday 130 this will be at mcorkle funeral home in rockton across from taylor freezer.
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    LTB 31/21 FP

    Pm me lol
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    LTB 31/21 FP

    Looking for something higher end but not super expensive for a team bat.
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    LTB LTB used ASA Z1000 [26 0R 27]

    If u decide heavier. 28oz 2012 z1000 Slight slight wobble, $140 tyd
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    Looking to play

    Are both of these names same person?
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    Looking for team

    It takes 6 hrs to drive the length and 3 hrs to drive the width. If you really want on a team why don't you give a little bit of information, so people actually know something about you. Everyone is an awesome hitter this is SBF. Your post count isn't high enough for 400' bombs but keep up...
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    Do you know his REAL name? What was his paypal addy? Go back thru paypal and see if his name shows
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    Beaver Dam,WI tourney July 17-19th

    hopefully that crazy guy on the moped don't try any stunts this year and twist his ankle again. hehe
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    Beaver Dam,WI tourney July 17-19th

    What's lower paying
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    should have been carrying more rpm and got a better time in 4th