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  1. rkjunior

    WTB 2016 Scott Kirby 26oz

    Looking for a 26oz ASA Kirby in 26oz. Might consider a 26oz USSSA as well. Looking for endloaded.
  2. rkjunior

    Pow vs Old Stamp/Autism

    Looking for something similar to swing characteristics of the POW -- 12.75" barrel, loaded 26.5oz... Seems like the Old Stamp and Autism both fit the bill -- anyone have any feedback on either of these?
  3. rkjunior

    New Easton Wobble

    I have a Pow that I pulled out of the basement for an indoor tourney after being put away in the fall and it now has a Wobble. Anyone see this happen before? Reminds me of the old SCN4, the wobble is that pronounced. Connection area looks solid otherwise. Swing it or try to send it back?
  4. rkjunior

    Grit Batpack vs anything else out there?

    My Easton 5-tool is finally on it's way out (the bat sleeves are blowing out) so I need to replace it. I prefer a batpack over a roller but need something to carry 4 bats, 2 gloves and my pitching helmet/soft shinguards. Has anyone tried the Grit batpack? Any thoughts on it and it's durability?
  5. rkjunior

    New USSSA like OG Flipper?

    I've been out of the USSSA Demarini bat game for a while. What's closest to the OG Flippers these days? Like this?
  6. rkjunior

    For Sale Freak Primo and Freak 20th

    Couple Freaks up for sale that I will never swing. 26oz Freak 20th Maxload ASA $170. Returnable. Has about 100 swings 27oz Freak Primo Balanced USSSA $180. Returnable w Receipt. Maybe 50 swings 20190822_101409 by rkjunior posted Aug 22, 2019 at 11:09 AM
  7. rkjunior

    For Sale Stadium 2.1 and Flippers CHEAP

    Looking to move a couple inexpensive Demarini's. Hit well, just never use them. We're a Miken team. (2) 26oz Stadium 2.1 Balanced USSSA -- $100ea or both for $175 shipped (2) 26oz Flipper USSSA -- $100ea or both for $175 Take all four for $325 shipped. 20190717_180250 by rkjunior posted Jul...
  8. rkjunior

    For Sale Miken Freak 20th Anniv. 26oz

    Almost like new 26oz Miken Freak 20th Endloaded USSSA. 100 hits max. Returnable. Comes with barcode. No trades. SOLD SOLD SOLD 20190717_180250 by rkjunior posted Jul 17, 2019 at 6:07 PM
  9. rkjunior

    2016 4 the Fallen sticker weights

    Just got a 2016 4TF in a trade. Are these all generally under sticker weight? 26oz bat but weighs 25.5ish on a scale.
  10. rkjunior

    240 PSI?

    Anyone else get wind that USSSA is changing bat standards (again) with a potential 240psi limit? Rumor was next year..
  11. rkjunior

    Backyard hitting net

    What are you all using in the backyard? I have one of those pop-up nets but I'm terrified of a random mi**** going over the net and off into the abyss of my neighbors. I'd like to add something so I don't need to worry about it, given I'm in the city and have a tiny backyard.
  12. rkjunior

    Yo Bobby Buggs!

    Any free shipping codes for us MA bros?
  13. rkjunior

    ASA Blueline.....

    Anyone swing this? I don't play a lot of ASA but needed something after finally breaking my last flipper. Put about 30 cuts of .44's on this thing and now it's absolutely smashing the .52s. Sounds like garbage, like a Z, but man it crushes the ball. Love that it swings just like my Helmer...
  14. rkjunior

    For Sale ASA Z2000 27oz

    Looking to thin out the bat closet. I never swing this so let's give it to a new home. 27oz Z2000 Balanced. Couple hundred hits. Has a pebble rolling around in it. $OLD 38838062_10156366774796166_7275127064108204032_o by rkjunior posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:27 AM
  15. rkjunior

    For Sale EST and Platinum

    Couple Worth's to move as I've been swinging Helmer X's this season... 27oz 2018 EST Comp Balanced 12"... Has about 75 swings on it and not broken in. Has barcode (no receipt) $200 26 oz Platinum Balanced. Couple hundred hits. Has barcode. $140...
  16. rkjunior

    For Sale OG Corndog

    I have a lightly hit OG Corndog. Just too heavy to swing for me and I rarely play enough wood bat to keep it around. $OLD locally 38838062_10156366774796166_7275127064108204032_o by rkjunior posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:27 AM
  17. rkjunior

    $100 DeMarinis

    Cleaning out the bat closet. Let's move these to a good home. 26oz Stadium 2.1 $125 27oz Stadium 2.1 $125 26oz Flipper $100 26oz Flipper $100 38744594_10156366774706166_1786525830415908864_o by rkjunior posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:27 AM
  18. rkjunior

    For Sale 26oz & 27oz Fire Flex's

    Hey guys.. Thinning the herd a little and selling off some extra bats as the season winds down here. These are all returnable and come with receipts & barcodes. Love the Gold's but I've been swinging my Helmer X's exclusively. 26oz Fire Flex Gold 5 hits (rec+bar) SOLD 27oz Fire Flex Gold 150...
  19. rkjunior

    yo swingnmiss!

    I might be dating myself here but back on the old board you had a vid up on how to make a "snap" stick or whatever you call it to teach proper wrist snap. basically you'd get the click at the proper contact point if you swung it properly. I have a guy on the squad having a really had time and I...
  20. rkjunior

    LTB OG USSSA Easton.. SCN2, SCN4.. 26 or 27oz.

    Looking for an OG Easton for Freedom.. 26 or 27oz. SCN2 CNT or SCN4... Anyone have something kicking around?