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  1. Senek8

    LTB needs their own section

    We have it for bats, why not glove? For some reason the current trend has been to post what people are looking for vs. actual gloves for sale.
  2. Senek8

    Time that D worlds ends on Sunday?

    Does anybody know what time D worlds typically wraps up on Sunday? Trying to book flights and want to make sure that we have enough time on the date of return to get to airport instead of staying an additional night there in Orlando. Thanks in advance!
  3. Senek8

    Pro200-6k- on the hunt

    A good friend's son is moving to 3rd this year for hs ball and he is looking to get him a pro200-6k. I figured I would come on here and see if anyone has one that they would be willing to part with. Doesn't care about gold labels or anything else, but would prefer to try and find one that is...
  4. Senek8

    49ers hosed by 13th man

    What is there to say here? lol Honestly, there were some really bad calls in this game, but I don't truly think that the game was fixed. This video does a really good job of highlighting the bad calls of the NFC championship though... Open for comments!
  5. Senek8


    When it comes down to it, Brady has a better success rate and better composure on a big stage and has ultimately collected more hardware. Let banter and bickering begin.
  6. Senek8

    WTF is up with the Z2K+ prices

    What is the deal here? Why is everyone paying so much for those bats? OG z2k with a good QC#> z2k+ and they are $100 cheaper.
  7. Senek8

    For Sale 27oz EL Utrip Z2K, NR QC2*******

    Bat has around 250 cuts on it. Looking for $195 shipped as a gift.
  8. Senek8

    For Sale 27oz Balanced Z2000, UTRIP Good QC*****

    I have a 27oz balanced Z2K with a QC2 that is returnable with no papers. 150-200 cuts with OG grip. Looking for $220 shipped. SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. Senek8

    For Sale Mizuno GMP7BK

    Glove is definitely broken in and could use a cleaning/ dirty refresh. With that being said, the liner is in great condition and there is not a rip, tear or crack on this glove. $220 OBO as a gift.
  10. Senek8

    For Sale Pro-dct 1b

    Looking to move a PRODCT. Not 100% broken in, still needs some work. Good pocket forming already though. $170OBO, SOLD SOLD SOLD
  11. Senek8

    LTB PitchSafe Pitching Screen

    I am looking to pick one of these up. Please let me know if anyone has one that they would be willing to sell? Thanks!
  12. Senek8

    Premier Athletics is GTG

    Just wanted to say that they really came through. Paid 3 weeks ago, had art done in a week, full sub jersey, sub panel pants and hats all done by today, shipped and they will be here Friday. That is reall borderline unbelievable at this time of year. The customer service and communication was...
  13. Senek8

    Got PayPal ready for someone that can help do mockups by Monday

    Any artists that are willing to do a quick turnaround on mockups? Have artwork ready, just need to look at few variations on colors and submit.
  14. Senek8

    For Trade Minty 27oz L1 for an L2?

    Looking to trade a minty 27 oz L1 for a minty 27oz L2 mine has receipt, so should yours. PM me your number and I can text pics or I will get pics posted later today.
  15. Senek8

    This is a first....

    290866551505 Item number: I have never actually seen the name of the person that handcrafted the glove stamped in the palm, even on other pro orders.... Have I been missing something? Either way, glove looks awesome.. lol
  16. Senek8

    LTB Pros303-125

    Like the subject says... Looking for the PP version of this glove. Pm me if you have one you would like to sell.
  17. Senek8

    Z2K Durability :-D

    Just wanted to report in that my 27oz el utrip z2k has 1500+cuts on it and is just now getting a slight rattle and very lil webbing. Straight fire stick.... Only seem to see these threads when people are upset so, I thought I would throw one out there about how happy I was.
  18. Senek8

    Price check, new without tags horween PRODCT

    Curious what one would be worth....
  19. Senek8

    LTB LTB prorv23 lol

    Hit me up..... Tan, black, mesh whatever you got.... Can't wait for my inbox to overflow...
  20. Senek8

    Rawling Pro Preferred bag vs. Black Ops

    Wondering if anyone has had a chance to check out the Rawlings PP roller bag with the speakers built in and the Black Ops roller. if you have, is the PP +/- vs the black ops?