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  1. SoftballDad52

    27 Worth Lethal Midload USSSA Bat.

    PM me if you have one of these. Please include price and pics. I have one, just want a backup. Thanks, Rick
  2. SoftballDad52

    LTB 27 ASA Demarini Nihilist

    Looking for a 27 ounce ASA Demarini Nihilist to try. Any out there? Thanks, Rick PM if you have one in decent shape.
  3. SoftballDad52

    27 ounce ASA Blue OG Aftermath

    looking for this Bat only. 27 ounce ASA Blue Aftermath OG. Thanks, Rick
  4. SoftballDad52

    USSSA Worth XL vs Harvey

    I am turning into a worth guy...Swinging ASA Harvey and XL. Harvey ASA with stiff Flex50 and XL Flex100 Trying to Decide for USSSA. Looks to me like the XL and Harvey are the same except paint? Both have Flex50 handle. Just bought the new 2019 Senior XL with same specs as the ASA Harvey and...
  5. SoftballDad52

    2016 or 2017 Demarini Flipper OG 27 ounce.

    I am looking for a 2016 or 2017 Demarini Flipper OG Aftermath bat. PM with what you have. Thanks, Rick Paypal ready.
  6. SoftballDad52

    Senior Stamped Softballs

    Anyone know where to get SSUSA Stamped Senior Softballs? I can't seem to find any. Thanks, Rick
  7. SoftballDad52

    2017 Miken DC 41 ASA vs USSSA

    Has anyone swung the new 2017 ASA DC 41 and the 2017 USSSA DC 41? I have the ASA and want a USSSA bat that is the same weighting. I know they "state" that they are the same, but that is not always the case. I really would like to have an ASA, USSSA and Senior Bat all very similar in weighting...
  8. SoftballDad52

    New Miken Platinum Senior bat Endloads

    Am I missing which new Miken Senior is like the DC 41? with the supermax? Or do they only make a maxload in senior? Thanks, Rick
  9. SoftballDad52


    Looking for a 27.5 Merica INSANE. I have cash....or trade ( a bunch of bats etc...). PM or post here if you have one. Thanks, Rick
  10. SoftballDad52

    D Fusion 2.0 Handle VS. TR3 Flo Handle

    Does anyone know if the D Fusion 2.0 is similar to the TR3 Flo Handle? Trying to decide OVL or OG Juggy.
  11. SoftballDad52

    For Sale/Trade Vinci Optimus 13.25,A2000 ASO 12,Akadema 33.5,A2000 33 Pudge

    I have a few gloves for sale or trade. My favorite glove right now is the 13 BMB-OB. I would be willing to consider trades towards one of those. I may try a 13 Inch Rawlings ProHarp or ???? Also. 13.25 Vinci Optimus Custom: Absolutely the nicest leather I have ever owned. Just a bit big and...
  12. SoftballDad52

    27 Reebok Melee EL

    Selling a 27 EL Reebok Melee. It has webbing and small rattle. End cap tight and pretty much gamer status. 160 as a gift, or add fees.
  13. SoftballDad52

    27 Reebok Melee Legend EL

    I have a 27 ounce (Yellow) Reebok Melee EL bat that is broken in and game ready. It has all the typical webbing and a small rattle. No visible issues and is solid. Gamer. I am getting pics today or tomorrow, but wondering a price range? My bro is wanting to try the new Adidas in balanced...
  14. SoftballDad52

    Looking to Buy

    I am looking for a 28 ounce 2015 Cluggy. Not interested in 2014 or any other weights. Thanks.
  15. SoftballDad52

    LTB 28 2016 Aftermath OG

    I am looking for a 2016 Aftermath OG in 28 ounces. I can buy or trade you something. PM Me with what you have and condition. I would prefer returnable with receipt, but may try any. Thanks, Rick
  16. SoftballDad52

    For Sale/Trade 26 scn9

    I am selling this 26 SCN9 for my brother. He has fallen in love with his Mercy. 100 Shipped if sent as a gift. I know ASA is not longer legal, but I am sure there are leagues that this bat can be swung in....He probably would consider trades that include any 26 ounce Mercy, but would prefer...
  17. SoftballDad52

    NIW 28 Demarini Juggy 2015

    I did not take pics. Of my 2015 silver with black lettering Juggy. It is a 28 ounce bat new in wrapper, but it is a no return I got for my 2014 I cracked. I simply have too many bats. I was thinking 150 shipped?
  18. SoftballDad52

    For Sale Two 27.5 ASA Insane's

    I have two Demarini Insane ASA Bats. One has about 200 cuts and the other about 50. The bat with 200 cuts has a very faint start of a seam paint crack. I put box tape on it. I have one receipt, but it is out of date. I will give it to the first buyer anyway. 220 for 50 cut version...
  19. SoftballDad52

    Price Check NIW Voltage 27 ounce SB73V (the good one)

    I have a NIW 27 ounce SB73V Voltage that I am thinking about selling or trading. Any thoughts on its worth?? Thanks, Rick
  20. SoftballDad52

    LTB 26 scn9

    I am looking for a decent 26 ounce Easton SCN9. Has to have most of the ASA Stamps visible. That is all that I am looking for. I have some trades, but would simply buy also. PM if you have one or post pics here with price? Thanks, Rick