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    Parent interaction/suggestion

    What's everyone's thought on parents interjections? Let's say 2 kids in the field that need to be switched up to perform better. Is it ok to make the suggestion or do you just sit back and let it play out?
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    For Sale Clean out

    Back surgery has me lookin for some extra funds so if you see something and are interested at all, shoot me an offer please. All prices shipped. More pictures upon request. 1. Demarini CF4 pitchblack 33/23 No issues normal field wear. $100 2. Worth EST XTRA C555 endcap is loose, still hits...
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    Swinging bunt

    Do these still happen? Last activity I see is from 2017.
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    Jason Peckham

    I know he played everywhere and knew lots of people all around so I figured I'd make a thread. Unfortunately we lost Peck to a medical issue. If anyone is interested, Tuesday is visitation 4-8 funeral Wednesday 130 this will be at mcorkle funeral home in rockton across from taylor freezer.
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    LTB 31/21 FP

    Looking for something higher end but not super expensive for a team bat.
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    Loking to play Florida 3/28-4/4

    Looking to play somewhere this week. Tournaments on the 28th, league night, don't matter just want to get a game or 5 in while in Florida. I would like to play with in 2 hours of Micco FL. Daytona-Miami over to Orlando or Lakeland Freedom Tournament. P,1,2,C
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    ANY and ALL tournaments with in 2 hours of Oconomowoc

    Like the title says 2 hours of Oconomowoc. Or ANYTHING over 1000 payout for 1st
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    Benefit Tournaments in Wisconsin

    As the post says I am looking for benefit tournaments in Wisco. If I have one listed and you know the dates or my dates are wrong please feel free to correct me. Make A Wish--Madison July---Pelton---Milton Aug 17-23---Toys For Tots---Sheboygan September...
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    Need Help Wesley A Cook

    Anyone who got screwed by Wesley or his wife post your information here. Someone on FB got the cops to go talk to him and they are trying to get everyone fixed up.
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    22justin82 true one critique please

    I was trying to work on thrusting my hips thru the zone and opening up. I know I need to get my hand off the bat to follow thru. What else can you tell me to get me some more pop
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    WI Tournaments 9-26/27

    Just gathering some information. If you know of a tournament that happens this weekend in the dells area or north of Madison please list it.
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    coed bats

    Locally coed leagues/tournaments have guys using a 30" bat. Looking at a tournament that let's guys use regular bats. Any asa or usssa bat. Does that seem crazy to anyone else? No way am I putting a chick at 3rd vs a man with a regular bat. Is my area the only area that plays the 30"...
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    1/2 inning time limit

    Anybody else play with this rule? Quite possibly lyrics thee worst around. No heads up needed or anything If the clock is done at the half inning the ump can end the game.
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    following thru...letting go

    Any good ways to practice letting go and following thru at the end of your swing. I have a hard time doing it and it stops my swing at my front shoulder.
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    when selling a bat on the board

    Leave the price it sells for rather then erasing prices and putting sold. Easier for price checks
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    Burlington WI Superdraft

    Anyone have any info?
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    LTB Mizuno grips

    Looking for some of the Mizuno grips that are raised on half then lower making a different height on half the wrap.
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    Going 3rd shift, open to play again. Picked up on a Tuesday night team but open to play other nights of the week. Send me a message, I'll forget about this thread.
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    bp Beloit Wi area

    I'm going to third a lot sooner then expected and would like to start taking BP again. Looking between 8am and noonish. Beloit, Rockton, maybe Clinton somewhere right here in the area. I also have a farm with open fields I can hit at. PM me as I'll probably forget about this thread.
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    Need someone near Valley Stream NY

    I need someone near Valley Stream New York to PM me.