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  1. blakcherry329

    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    We've all had run ins with Joker and Country. Very entertaining. ;)
  2. blakcherry329

    For Sale/Trade Easton Stealth Speed SSR2

    What's the weight on it? I play mostly Clincher leagues, at this point in my "career". They don't care what you swing. If it's more than 26oz, hit me up. ;-)
  3. blakcherry329

    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    Yep, the newbies had to run the Country/Joker(and a few others), gauntlet. Only the strong survived. :D I miss those days.
  4. blakcherry329

    After 100 games, my nokona edge X review.

    Paying $1k for this glove is akin to paying $1k for a Luis Vuitton bag. Nothing more than a talking point. both are not aesthetically pleasing, at all. Just a status symbol. But as long as you're happy, who cares what other people think. ;) Having said that, I have a rough time justifying a...
  5. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    Yeah, Bergen Batting Cages was my go to. Can't beat the price of Lefty's. 24 tokens for $24. Covers me for 3 or 4 weekends. ;)
  6. blakcherry329

    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    That's definitely me, ******* that I am. :D I'll definitely say stuff like, "just try to make contact, baby steps. or stay luke warm up there" But I'm usually the guy that people go to for constructive critiquing, too. It's all fun, win or lose.
  7. blakcherry329

    For Sale/Trade Price Check 26.5 Avacado

    Don't take this the wrong way, but... Saying this has "a couple of paint chips" is like saying a demolition derby car has a couple of dents. Not saying it's not a good bat, just saying you're underselling the wear on it. Having said that... GLWYS ;)
  8. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    Oh, ok. lol. It seems like so much more. :D I do about 80 on Saturdays at Lefty's in Clifton. lol Definitely, putting my money on the DB44 as a dark horse. I loved that bat when it came out. Hmmmmm, very interesting. I may reach out. I think I've done a deal or two with him, too. Always a...
  9. blakcherry329

    Is your own team chatter helpful?

    I don't need encouragement in a game. I never get too high or too low. I do let people know when they're doing something wrong, at the plate. I always welcome critique of my ab, especially when I do something wrong. So I try to help without being overbearing. I also HATE, HATE, HATE when...
  10. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    @UncleMosk How many cuts do you take a week?????
  11. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    I started using a 40oz CamWood in the cages and the 26-27oz bats just feel too light now. I've been back to the 28 and 29s. I do use it from time to time, but about 5 guys on my team use it, religiously. It's definitely a great bat. I might have to get one in 28, if I can find one. But I'm...
  12. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    I had a Balanced 27 Primo last year and it swung way too light and I just didn't like it. Traded it for the ASA Blue line in a 26EL, just because I liked the sound. :D I really liked the Easton. It swung a lot heavier than 26, but still a little light. My teammates use it more than I do...
  13. blakcherry329

    This place used to be the bomb.

    Half-century sounds so OLD. lol Wish they had more of those leagues in NJ.
  14. blakcherry329

    Advice on Softball 35+

    Security!!!!:eek: This is not a Senior Softball question, damnit!!!:mad::mad::oops::eek: If you're not 40, you shouldn't even be thinking about age specific leagues yet. Even at 40+ you should be able to hang. :rolleyes:
  15. blakcherry329

    Bats for Clinchers

    There's probably no bat restrictions in this league, correct? Usually Clincher leagues don't care what bat you swing. I'm still swinging my 29oz Ultra II and SB34. Almost every team has shaved bats, unfortunately. Any of the Double-barrel Eastons are great. Any of the XEST Worth Aluminums on the...
  16. blakcherry329

    Usssa PRO M Bad Batch?

    It's kinda like the shift argument. They're Pros. Once you see that the ball isn't carrying, isn't it on the players to adjust? Especially in the Championship games. I get that they're there to hit the long ball. Chicks dig that. lol
  17. blakcherry329

    Usssa PRO M Bad Batch?

    I hear ya. Personally, 30-25 games are really boring. I bet those 6-5 and 4-3 games were really exciting. just my opinion It's a different game when you have to hit gaps instead of bombs away.
  18. blakcherry329

    2022 ASA T Work Bat Reviews

    I had a 28oz AntiVirus. Traded it for the Miken Kendrick Senior bat. Both bats were/are pretty good. Kinda sorry I traded it. As you can see from my signature, I like swinging the old stuff in NY. ;)
  19. blakcherry329

    Easton Slowpitch Double Barrel Bats Review

    Blue-line is definitely GTG for Clinchers. Every team in NY has a Ghost, Blue-line, Autism, or Comic Easton. I have a 26.5 that everyone uses. I kinda like the sound. Kinda like the OG Z-1000 ASA.
  20. blakcherry329

    Debber Compression

    The Dudley Cityball is ok. It's a little harder than an F-12, but nowhere near 52/300 and above. We use them in our Scarsdale Sunday morning pickup games.