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    ASA Time Limit - End of Game

    What kind of dumba__ umpire wants to call another inning when they aren't supposed to?
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    ASA Whose call?

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    Dudley Doom Senior end load

    From what I've seen you won't make it to 100 hundred swings! Good luck!
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    ASA Rule Interpretation or Judgement Call

    Question is why is this guy umpiring and doesn't know batted ball striking bag is a fair ball? And in my opinion to rectify I would have put runners where i thought they would have ended up if this umpire hadn't made this BASIC call incorrect.
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    Foul or Fair?

    How some of these guys get to umpire still amazes me!
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    Play of the Day

    Runner is out must retouch 2nd base returning even if not touched going to 3rd initially.
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    How many outs

    2 outs batter and runner tagged going to 3rd
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    correct call?

    Yea, they are wrong!
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    Play of the Day

    I have 1 run scoring 2 outs and B4 on 2nd.
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    You Make the Call

    My answer is correct. R1 is out in all scenarios for being assisted!
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    You Make the Call

    You have 2 outs inning over. R2 is out after passing R1. R1 is out for being assisted by R2.
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    ASA 10u Umpire Alone

    You made the right call no matter your position on the field and especially if you are running by yourself if you see an obvious infraction you make the call.
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    ASA 10u Umpire Alone

    Not to be an ass but if you're running 1 man who else is going to call it?
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    Anyone play the USSSA SR tourney In Maryville TN

    Warlock agree with your comments. 2nd USSSA senior tourney I have played in. Played in Pensacola a few weeks ago and we hit the same demarini ball but the classic M was worse than the one's we hit in Tn. but not by much both balls are garbage! yes no discount cutting down a pool play game as...
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    Senior bats on a budget

    No, If you're needing a good performing Senior bat that will last at a good price get the 2018 Worth Wicked. Bat is the black version with green lettering takes a couple hundred swings to loosen up but after that bat performance is great. You can find them in the $60-90 range.
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    2020 Easton Empire bats

    Actually the bat in the final with the Easton Parnell was the 2020 Suncoast Balanced.
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    2021 DeMarini senior Nautalai series

    Ken, Is the material makeup of the 2021 Demarini different from the 2020? I have been told it is the same bat referring to the 2020 RD balanced version. Thanks!
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    Ultra II question

    They are actually pretty average compared to some of the other senior bats out there now.
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    Interference during double play attempt

    Need a little more info on the situation. Unless the runner intentionally did something to hinder the fielder attempting a double there is no interference. The runner doesn't have to slide or get out of the way on play. And no the fielder doesn't have to throw for there to be interference if in...