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  1. Razinhell

    New Mizuno Bat 2018

    Ship date is may 1st on the endloaded version.. balanced version I believe is being released in Canada... and yes an exclusive in June/July balanced version
  2. Razinhell

    LTB Miken Recoil USSSA or ASA 34/28 preferred

    buddy of mine has a 29 oz usssa recoil let me know if you are interested
  3. Razinhell

    Price Check 3 sp13L1 27oz / sp13X2 27oz / sp13L9 28oz

    TTT ALmost 50 views and no prices odd
  4. Razinhell

    Price Check 2013 DC41 28oz / 2013 INK 30oz

    price check on a 2013 DC41 clean 250 cuts spiraling small cross spiral in pic returnable no receipt. 2013 INK 30oz faint spiraling if any 100 cuts non returnable. caps tight on both, both stock grips DC41 28oz INK 30oz
  5. Razinhell

    Price Check 3 sp13L1 27oz / sp13X2 27oz / sp13L9 28oz

    all 3 bats 100/150 cuts all stock grips all returnable no receipts no dents no waves ( on the L9 ) little sprial on the X2 tried to get in pic all caps tight sp13L1 27oz X2 27oz L9 28oz
  6. Razinhell

    LTB 27oz Easton Salvo Scandium

    I have a 28oz silver red and black one hit me up if interested
  7. Razinhell

    LTB WTB Easton XL2

    if still looking I have a 27oz maybe 100 hit returnable no receipt can send pix if interested
  8. Razinhell

    LTB '14 27oz L1

    any interest in a 2013 L1 27oz
  9. Razinhell

    LTB old stamp bats 27-28oz

    any interest in a 28oz dc psycho returnable no receipt or a 28.5 titan reload red and white one think 2010 model returnable no receipt lots of webbing ?
  10. Razinhell

    Price Check 30oz n/r ink

    price check on 30oz n/r ink maybe 100 hits ?
  11. Razinhell

    2015 4 The fallen / DC-41

    no fence markers and its a rough est of where I was standing but I would say its 300ft down the left field line... hard to tell where some land some where in the second row of the parking lot and off the other fields fence in left center.... it doesn't show the ruler for the yellow line sorry
  12. Razinhell

    2015 4 The fallen / DC-41

    fallen is my gamer.. also have the triad max load... love the end load of the gold triad and the dc but 4tf has more cuts on it and more distance as of right now... had the 2014 4tf and was out hitting my special edition ultra which some or most won't believe but its true... was sad to see the...
  13. Razinhell

    2015 4 The fallen / DC-41 haven't swung in awhile( 5/6 weeks off .. the dc was unwrapped right before hitting... 4TF was used spring/ summer....field is 300/310 to left...
  14. Razinhell

    Price check on a rayzr black

    Price check on a 50 hit black rayzr think its the 2013 I know one was red so any help can post pix...
  15. Razinhell

    LTB lookin for bass

    I have a juiced 28oz
  16. Razinhell

    For Sale Miken Metal

    pm sent let me know
  17. Razinhell

    For Sale Miken MV1 OG Supermax 28oz NEED SOLD

    bump for no love lol
  18. Razinhell

    New dc-41

    heres my 27oz dc after 100 swings if that... Miken made good on it sent me the new DC41 and still have a warranty
  19. Razinhell

    LTB 27oz bass juiced

    I have a 28oz