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    Leather care question

    I recently picked up a beautiful leather backpack and matching duffel bag for just a few bucks. Both are canvas lined. I found similar bags on ebay that are made of goatskin without chemicals, and treated with a vegetable oil product to preserve and waterproof the leather. My guess is the...
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    So this happened today. What's the correct call?

    ASA/USA - Bases loaded, no outs. Ground ball hit to the 3rd baseman right next to the bag. Runner on 3rd did not move and remained on the base. 3rd baseman tagged the runner who was standing on 3rd, stepped on 3rd base to get the force out on the runner coming from 2nd, and threw to 2nd to get...
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    hitless45 is GTG

    Paid promptly. Enjoyed exchanging texts!
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    GoingDeep is GTG

    Asked that I ship first. Paid as soon as he got the bat. Thanks!
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    End of the season fun

    I have all these gloves that I could use, but never or rarely do, so I decided to show them some love and use as many as I could in the 2 games we played yesterday to end the season. I generally don't like to switch gloves during a game, but thought it would be fun just this once. I loaded up my...
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    Some people just shouldn't..

    There's not one bit of lace done correctly on this glove offered on ebay.
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    Questions about making a glove firmer

    I'm still thrown a bit that I'm even asking these questions since I've never been one to want a stiff glove, but my preferences have evolved. I want my gloves to open wide in a bowl shape, close thumb to pinkie, and wrap around a softball when the ball hits the pocket, be pliable, but not...
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    Rawlings in St Louis question

    Back story - my wife was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer. It's back in 3 scattered spots, but they're small and slow growing, and not life-threatening. The oncologist can't do anything for her, so she's seeing 2 doctors in St Louis for alternative/holistic treatments. She has...
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    Goodwill find

    There's a Goodwill outlet store here where everything is in bins and goes for .99/pound. I try to get there once a week and usually find some sort of baseball/softball gear to resell - lots of batting helmets, bat bags, and kid's gloves. Today I saw a Rawlings glove and threw it in the bag I was...
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    14 gloves?!!

    After our slow pitch game Sunday a couple of my teammates were talking about bats - the ones they've bought recently, the ones they want, and how they "aren't going to buy anymore" for a while. One of the guys compared his bat buying habit to me and my "14 gloves". I said, "14?! No no, no, no...
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    Cleaning a gray glove

    I have a gray and black ProPreferred that needs a good deep cleaning. The gray isn't really gray anymore. Doesn't need to look new, but I'd like it to look better than it does now. What do you recommend for cleaning a gray, or other light colored, glove. I just tried some Lexol in the orange...
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    PROS25 vs PROS26

    What's the difference between the Rawlings ProPreferred PROS25 and PROS26? I have a 26, and I'm watching a 25 on ebay. Both are 12.5" basket web fastbacks. The only differences that stand out are the PROS26 I have has a regular basket web and is camel and black, and the 25 I'm watching has a...
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    Another ASA Courtesy runner question

    Our pitcher hurt his leg running to 1st 3 weeks ago and we used our once per inning courtesy runner for him when he got on base. The following week he thought he was ok, but re-injured it during his first at-bat of the day. We had 12 guys available, all on our official roster, and used the 12th...