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  1. mmballa85

    For Sale/Trade 27 oz utrip FU Dawg returnable
  2. mmballa85

    For Trade 27 oz og balanced z2k for demarini j3a or cl22

    27 oz balanced og z2k asa dual stamp.. Bag and ground wear.. 300-400 hits Returnable but I can't find the receipt.. Text for quicker response 2179186284
  3. mmballa85

    looking to play in des moines/ames, IA

    looking to play league or a tournament this week/weekend.. will be in ames til sunday then travel to mason city for a night.. get ahold of me if anybody needs a guy, played nsa gold this year in Illinois and asa d.. play mainly outfield/middle/1st.. good bat and glove.. 2179186284
  4. mmballa85

    Looking to play in Ames, IA/Des Moines area august 5th-10

    Will be in this area for work the whole week. Looking to play if a team needs a guy. Played Gold Nsa in Illinois and D ASA.. Usually play outfield, 1st, or 2nd base, up for playing any position needed. Text me if there is anyone out there that knows who to get ahold of or somewhere i can...
  5. mmballa85

    For Sale/Trade 26 oz scn10bh returnable

    Looking for 120 shipped.. Unknown # of hits.. Interested in easton trades also.. Text for quicker response..
  6. mmballa85

    For Trade 27 oz psycho supermax nr

    Just as the title says.. approximately 300 swings.. just field wear on the bat, end cap is good..
  7. mmballa85

    For Trade easton s1 niw wr and valid ra#

    Have a 27 oz s1 niw wr im wanting to trade.. looking for an l1 or l2.. I also have an asa z2k 26 oz el I'm willing to deal too.. text me 2179186284
  8. mmballa85

    For Sale/Trade 98h nr

    Sale price would be 120 obo.. looking for a j3a, derby boys asa, or anything else that catches my eye..
  9. mmballa85

    Price Check 28 oz. 98h nr

    No return approximately 300 hits.. lots of cosmetic scratches from crappy fields..
  10. mmballa85

    For Sale 3 sticks for sale.. ready to move fast!

    All bats are returnable without receipts also obo.. Mutant 120 unknown number of hits, spits fire! SOLD miken pyscho balanced, unknown number of hits, lots of paint wear 100 OG bj fulk, unknown number of hits some pretty good webbing 125 Text for pictures 2179186284... and for quickest...
  11. mmballa85

    Thread that was deleted, suped up tee ball bat!

    WHOEVER HAD THE DOMAIN INFORMATION COULD YOU SEND IT TO ME IN A PM SO I CAN CONTACT SOMEONE ON THEIR END? PLEASE AND THANK YOU! also i'll send pics to someone to post i'm not familiar with uploading them.
  12. mmballa85

    Do not use this website!!!

    Figured it was a bad idea ordering from a website based internationally. The website has extremely cheap bats (worth, Easton, combat, etc. ordered a new st100h for $133.. needless to say this was on October 23rd, and just received the bat today.. it was what appeared to be a suped up whiffle...
  13. mmballa85

    For Trade 2011 30 oz. resmondo titan (orange/blue)

    Text for pics 2179186284.. Bat has approximately 75-100.. Trying to downgrade to something lighter preferably a 27 worth or nr z2k.. Hit me up with any offers though I'm up for anything..
  14. mmballa85

    LTB elite microfiber shorts in xl red or black

    Text me 2179186284 for quick response or send pm