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    Price check

    how much for the XL?
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    Anybody out there in Central NJ?

    I thought all you ****ers died or sumthin....
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    LTB 2016 16MK10

    Anyone have a 2016 16MK10 30/20 2 5/8 that they want to get rid of?
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    Few Bats my kid outgrew

    I have a black and yellow Easton S1 29/17, Combat Maxum 29/17 and a Combat Portent 30/18
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    Price Check 2016 Combat Maxum 30/18-USED

    This bat was used by a 60 lb 9 year old for the last part of the summer. Any ideas what they go for?
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    bucketlist homer

    Nice shot but who runs out homeruns?
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    Week 1 "ThNk G_d 4 fΩΩtb4ll"

    Karma is a *****
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    LTB Big barrel youth bat

    what association allows big barrel in 9u?
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    LTB Big barrel youth bat

    curious...why youth big barrel? what age level?
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    LTB Easton mako youth bat

    if they use safety balls, composite will have no affect on them and you'd be better off using aluminum
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    LTB Easton mako youth bat

    buy him a 2012 XL1 gray and's just as hot or hotter and cheaper...I happen to have one but I don't know if my son wants to part with it
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    nfl off season and draft thread

    You must have sprained your brain thinking of that witty comment.
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    LTB Youth Easton Omen LNC2XL or Combat Portent G3 31/21

    What's your price on the B2?
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    LTB Youth Easton Omen LNC2XL or Combat Portent G3 31/21

    does the B1 have any stamps on it? Is the G3 a youth bat? I thought they are only 2 5/8
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    The official Two Weeks of shenks and Bliss being insufferable thread

    This will go to court if anything ridiculous is done by the NFL..... New England Patriots v National Football league. If they make them forfeit or suspend Belichick for the game, an injunction will be filed. What are they going to do? Postpone the Superbowl and have them play it in July? I...
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    For Sale North face jacket size XL

    Do you smoke cigarettes?
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    ASA Heating a bat.

    bush mad that you didn't have a heater in your dug out.....what would you do if they kept there bats in a running car, complain about that too?
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    Ltb z1000

    I just sold a 27ozer for 200 on the bay
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    SBFNJ Chapter 24

    In this thread lately, you do have a tendency to talk to yourself.