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    ASA safe or out

    runner on 1st, ball hit to ss who races to 2nd to tag the bag, he tags the bag beating the runner but trips on the bag and falls forward hitting the ground which causes him to drop the ball from his glove I have the runner out agree??
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    ASA scoring of runs

    scenario is bases loaded 2 outs, batter hits the gap into the OF and ends up with an inside the park HR, 4 runs scored, after the play was complete the defense appealed that the runner on 2nd missed 3rd base for the 3rd out. was I correct to tell the offense that they now only scored 1 run...
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    the answer depends on what rule set you use? the ASA/USA rule is Section 7. THE RUNNER IS OUT J. When a runner interferes: 1. With a fielder attempting to field a batted fair ball or a foul fly ball, or 2. With a fielder attempting to throw the ball, or 3) With a thrown ball.
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    I would definitely not make a safe call as you stated to do above because the runner is not yet safe, what I would now do to clarify that he missed the base is give an off the base sweeping of the arms signal I have 1 back at you, B/R hits a ground ball to the F6 who throws wide to 1st pulling...
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    again thx for all the answers. I received this answer from an ASA UIC that I e-mailed and to me it's seems to be the best mechanic To answer the title question: yes, a call should be made but not necessarily a safe call, after the defender releases the ball to 1st base you can clarify...
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    Deputy, again thx.. and I'm not arguing, just trying to understand. I agree 100% with the mechanics you posted using a 2 man system, but what you posted didn't really tell the proper mechanics for a defensive player attempting to make a play but misses the bag. they were about the defense...
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    Deputy, Thx for that post, but my OP was should a safe call be made if the fielder misses the bag? He then followed thru with a throw to 1B for an attempted double play, I don't think any call should be made, IMO calling safe tips off the defensive player that he missed the bag and also how...
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    yes that call makes sense to me, I'm not tipping off the defense that they missed the bag and when the runner does not hear an out call at 2nd he should proceed to the bag and therefore be on the bag and safe... hopefully NCASA will find something in writing
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    thank you
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    NCASA thx. for the answers, this question was brought between some umpires and there was disagreement between them and I would like to be able to show them from the rule book, points of emphasis or a umpire mechanics book if you know of any
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    thx for the answers, but how can I call the runner safe when he hasn't attained the bag yet? wouldn't that be letting the defense know? I would think a know call is the same thing if the defense doesn't hear the out call then they know it's still a live play on that runner. I've looked in...
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    ASA do I make a safe call

    runner on 1st ground ball hit to F4, F6 is covering 2B, the throw is a little wide and when F6 reaches out with his foot he misses the bag he then follows thru with a throw to 1B for an attempted double play, the runner that was on 1st had actually stopped advancing and when he didn't hear...
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    ASA what's the call

    batter hits a pop up near 3rd base line and the ball begins to drift toward the coaches box, the 3B coach is back pedaling trying to get out of the fielders way but the fielder chasing after the ball bumps into him and doesn't make the catch, would this be interference or just incidental contact...
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    ASA delayed out call?

    Runner on 1st Base, line drive hit to the SS he makes a great catch on the ball. The runner on 1B breaks for second, the ump makes the out call and the runner turns and heads back to 1B. The throw was off line and the runner beat the throw back . Now, the batter for some unknown reason continued...
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    Play of the Day

    good one... I would say runner is safe, it would be the same as if he just cut thru the IF past the pitcher and went 1/2 way to 3rd, and then returned to 1st
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    Any intentional walk

    NCASA, is an umpire allowed to accept the intentional walk before the batter is in the batters box, or doesn't it matter
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    Any intentional walk

    this came up in a recent slo-pitch league game, bases loaded and after the batter stepped into the batters box, the pitcher had a brain fart and told the umpire to walk him, he thought 1st base was open. The batter starts down the 1st base line and then the pitcher realized that he had...
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    Batter's Box

    you and wayne need reading comprehension 101, where does it say NOT OVER THE LINE in the rule . it says The batter must have at least SOME PORTION OF BOTH FEET "ON" or inside the lines of the batter's box at the start of the pitch. this means all he needs is his toe's touching the...
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    ASA batter hit by batted ball

    scenario... ball hit up the middle and off the pitchers glove and then hits the runner going from 1st to 2nd .. I know per the rule below the runner is not out once the pitcher makes contact with the ball and the runner could not avoid contact with the ball .. my question is if this is a live...
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    Does the run count?

    the run doesn't score, runner on 2nd was FORCED to advance to 3rd on the ball hit to 3rd baseman, the runner must reach the next base safely, if the runner is called out by tag, avoiding the tag for running outside of the baseline or an appeal for missing the base they were forced to then...