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  1. ichiromoco

    LTB 2011 or 2012 Z1k Usssa bal

    27 oz preferred black/red from 2011 or Blk/Silver from 2012
  2. ichiromoco

    LTB 27 oz aftermath 2013

    Black and gold. Only looking for this specific year and oz. thanks in advance board bro’s.
  3. ichiromoco

    For Sale .52's by the dozen

    12 dozen gone @35/dozen Mixture of Evils, Trump Stotes and Tattoos. Good deal. Priority Mail.
  4. ichiromoco

    LTB 2013 Demarini Aftermath 27oz

    If someone wants to sell...LMK.
  5. ichiromoco

    ASA runner touching thrown ball

    Runner on 1b going back to first after line drive caught by ss. R1 is watching throw as he is heading back and throw clearly is going to hit him. R1 slaps ball down or attempts to catch IMO (if it even matters) to protect himself and not to interfere. R1 gained no advantage and stayed at 1B...
  6. ichiromoco

    Dropping bat during pitcher delivery

    ASA slowpitch. Besides being obnoxious is this allowable or disallowed by any rule? 3-1 count batter just drops bat and starts toward 1st base during delivery
  7. ichiromoco

    For Sale Miken Freak 12 26oz

    SOLD $230 Very Clean. R/R and Barcodes Bat is game ready for sure. I simply prefer a balanced bat. No trades unless 27 z1k usssa 260 OBO Gifted to your door priority mail.
  8. ichiromoco

    It really pisses me off

    When a board member lists a good bat(s) at a good price I'm assuming to help out other board members. Someone swoops in and buys all 3 bats not to use but to throw them on eBay as soon as they get them. So me or someone who really would use the sticks lose out to someone simply trying to...
  9. ichiromoco

    Other Strange play

    Routine ground ball. First baseman drops the ball and it rolls a bit away. Picks it up with bare hand and dives to bag touching with empty glove. From what I can tell the rule is possession (he had) and contact with the base with a body part. So is the glove an extension of the body? I'm...
  10. ichiromoco

    For Sale 2016 LS Super Z USSSA 27 Bal

    SOLDPaypal as Goods to your door Great shape. PM is key. Sold for 145
  11. ichiromoco

    LTB 2011 Z1K's USSSA 27 oz

    Looking. Looking. Looking. PP Ready 2011 z1k's USSSA Blk/red Balanced 27 Blk/Blu EL 27 oz or 26 oz
  12. ichiromoco

    Buying a glove philosophy

    I know glove manufacturers would hate this and probably all of you softball kings as well. But it works great for me. My glove of choice is a Rawlings rbg36 12.5 for outfield. Dale Murphy model. In fact I had Rous fix her up recently. But whenever I need a new one I NEVER buy new. Always...
  13. ichiromoco

    LTB Z1k's OG USSSA 2011 or Z2k+ Pinky

    z2k+ Pinky 27.5 2011 Z1k USSSA 27oz Lmk what you have
  14. ichiromoco

    LTB Ltb two og z1k USSSA. 1 26 & 1 27oz

    Looking for good cond 27 oz USSSA z1k bal And A good cond 26 oz USSSA bal Blk/red z1k. 2011.
  15. ichiromoco

    LTB USSSA z1000 USSSA Blk/blu 27 endload

    PayPal is locked and loaded. Pm me if you have one and are willing to sell. Og 2011 only. Nothing else.
  16. ichiromoco

    Need Help with qc on og USSSA el

    I may be buying one but do not see a qc number in the handle. Seller says she found it with a magnifying glass ?? And it's 271xxxxx Anyway how many numbers should be in the qc for starters. Thoughts?
  17. ichiromoco

    Memo to Louisville

    Return to the old LS 2X composite OR lose market share. Your choice. That's called free consulting advice.
  18. ichiromoco

    What is a L6?

    Swung a 28oz L6 today and was shocked at how bal and light it swung. Is this the norm with these? how much endload does it have? and is that a decent stick or are their hotter eastons. It's been a decade since I swung easton and the last few years have been all tps z's. And with the coding...
  19. ichiromoco

    LTB z2k+ 27.5 el Og z2k 27 el USSSA good qc only

    Pm me if you have either and are looking to move it.
  20. ichiromoco

    ASA Interference after release of throw

    In a rundown once player releases throw how much time does he have to get out of runners way. Had a play yesterday where player released ball and runner turned back and ran into player who did not have ball. Umpire said he has time to get out of way after release like a continuation in...