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  1. kspec24

    Price Check 2018 juggy asa

  2. kspec24

    Price Check 2018 juggy asa

    Picked up last year's juggy in a trade, looking to sell it but have no clue what it's worth. 27oz returnable with receipt. Clean bat, no webbing, some minor scratches. I'll upload pics later.
  3. kspec24

    LTB 27 or 28oz J3A

    I got a 27oz j3a. PM me
  4. kspec24

    TPS is back.

    Alright I'll provide my full experience swinging the TPS. oz 25.5, very pronounced EL. Swings true to weight, very smooth through the zone. Handle is on the stuff side, I didn't feel any flex even on miss hits. Barrell is on the softer side with a good sized sweet spot. Miss hits still carried a...
  5. kspec24

    TPS is back.

    Yes it did. The EL felt on par with my dc-41.
  6. kspec24

    TPS is back.

    Swung a 25.5. Doesn't sound or feel anything like a Z. Feels extremely EL. Performance was on par with a 400 swing freak PT, ice torch and a sinister. This one is worth a look fellas.
  7. kspec24

    For Sale Nothing to see here...

    If this was a 26oz I'd be all over it. GLWS bro!
  8. kspec24

    LTB Anarchy Demon

    Looking for a 26oz Anarchy Demon. Pm me what you have and price.
  9. kspec24

    ASA Balls

    Tattoo nx3 52 BP ball. Yellow and blue one
  10. kspec24

    LTB ASA Flippers

    I have a 2016 26oz USA flipper. PM if interested
  11. kspec24

    Price Check ASA Worth Liberty

    thanks fellas.
  12. kspec24

    Price Check ASA Worth Liberty

    Anyone else have an idea of what this is worth?
  13. kspec24

    Price Check ASA Worth Liberty

    Thank you, I updated the info.
  14. kspec24

    Price Check ASA Worth Liberty

    Hey fellas, I'm looking for a price check on a ASA 26oz Worth Liberty. estimated swing count is around 300. no cracks, webbing rattles, end cap is sold. No bar code or paperwork. thanks for the help. IMG_20180804_205006 by kspec24 posted Aug 4, 2018 at 8:55 PMIMG_20180804_204936 by kspec24...
  15. kspec24

    For Sale .52's by the dozen

    This guy needs balls
  16. kspec24

    ASA Easton Helmer Blue Line

    Mine sounds nothing like a Z. It almost sounds like a well broken in pre abi bat hitting rocks, it's a great sound. I have about 40 ish swings on it now, all 52's. Thing was webbed after 2 swings. It changed sounds after 25 cuts and is getting better and better. I'd say it was around 25-30 ft...
  17. kspec24

    For Sale/Trade Smash Ops Bat Pack SOLD

    If this was the white one, I'd pick it up.
  18. kspec24

    For Sale **SOLD**Worth EST XXL 26oz (purple)

    It's called a Miken DC-41 bud.
  19. kspec24

    ASA League Bat for Florida - Miken Platinum???????

    Have to agree with yank on this one. These will last a long time with 52's. 44 Cor balls will take a toll on these bats.