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    LTB 2016 16MK10

    Anyone have a 2016 16MK10 30/20 2 5/8 that they want to get rid of?
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    Few Bats my kid outgrew

    I have a black and yellow Easton S1 29/17, Combat Maxum 29/17 and a Combat Portent 30/18
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    Price Check 2016 Combat Maxum 30/18-USED

    This bat was used by a 60 lb 9 year old for the last part of the summer. Any ideas what they go for?
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    For Sale/Trade 2011 ASA z1000 NSA miken recoil Asa miken recoil-price checks

    Z1000 no issues. 300 cuts bought used Asa recoil. Bag/ground scratches visable stamps. 300 cuts bought used NSA recoil. 600 cuts. Bag/ground scratches. 600 cuts bought used Rarely sell but I need some honest opinions
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    For Sale/Trade Price Check

    Price Check-Youth Baseball bat Would anyone know what I can sell a used 2012 28/18 Easton XL1-YBX1 for? My son out grew it. LMK Thanks
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    Over 40 league-South Jersey

    Over 40 League looking for teams and players. Senior bats Sunday morning doubleheaders starting at 9am. Field locations are in Burlington County. Reasonable league and umpire fees. For more information please contact Tom King @ 856-332-5688
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    Disney Holiday Classic

    Is anybody going down to Florida 12/16-12/18?
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    Price Check 2011 asa z-1000

    What do these go for now? maybe 150 hits
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    Batting gloves

    What ever happened to the gloves that had the extra padding in the palm for guys that used a full overlap?
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    Price Check Niw wr the one

    Price check please
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    GTG RuSSo29 is GTG

    Quick shipping.....the bat was as described and good communication. I would deal with him again!
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    GTG Mattun

    Is good to go. Thanks bro.
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    Probably a repost. Does anyone know the meaning behind RD 28? The graphics are pretty ornate so I was wondering if the intials and number had a meaning. Awaiting the bashing and comedy...........
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    For Sale Price Check-1983 Tony Gwynn Rookie Card

    Any baseball card people know what this is worth in near perfect condition? Oops Fleer
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    LTB OG Freak Plus flat sticker

    26 or 27 oz.
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    For Trade 2010 Greg Connell M75120 Mayhem

    300 hit Connell for a 27oz Legend in similar condition. Bat is end cap separation....just normal to follow
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    Legend return

    What bat do you get as a replacement?