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    Just walk off the field

    this second time I have walked away from the game co-ed softball (4-5 years ago) adult league, and the 12u rec game. didn't like my infield call "I'm sorry you're having a bad night" that has nothing to do with the game and I was having a good night, I'm just done with this disrespectful...
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    Whats going on with usa softball test? (2021)

    I don't have any in my register USA softball site... not available
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    Question recovery/surgery

    Yes i know not really a question persay about rules but. I got to get a knee surgery to remove knee cartilage. the guy i saw told me that if i would counite to umpire. my knee would "lock up and need to get surgery sooner" the question is if you guys been through any of this? and how long did...
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    ASA 10u Umpire Alone

    Runner Leaving early. what do you do if you see runner leaving early? Cleary out of course. Do you call certin base as only one umpire behind plate or all if you see it?
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    Any How Many Ejections have you had?

    So when i did baseball i had about three more auguring over balls and strikes both cases. 3 been thrown out two different games and cities town (babe ruth/calripken) Babe ruth Softball rec ball only... I had to throw child out for making contact on purpose with catcher. Look like she did at...
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    ASA Illegal pitch

    Not sure why i assume on this. this fastpitch under usa softball(asa) Pitcher starts here windup and stops. which is illegal pitch but its delay call? cause other leauges its dead ball so that may be where i screw up. there were runners on base.