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  1. PHILTHY19

    For Sale Pair of 26oz DC41's

    SOLD Selling as a pair, one is NIW and the other is used has some scratches, no grip and has some bag wear. Receipt dates are 7/15/14 and 10/29/14 Price is $345 shipped PP as gift or add fees.
  2. PHILTHY19

    Mizuno 2GW 17850

    I took the plunge can't wait for it to come in size 15 color is cork. Seems like all the other ones I've seen are mod traps.
  3. PHILTHY19

    easton e200p & e500p bat pack

    Anybody own one looking for reviews? Thanks
  4. PHILTHY19

    My custom 504

    Just came in today, 2 days short of 6 weeks definitely worth the wait. Glove is super stiff wouldnt be surprised if it was Horween. After seeing phantomblack I knew for sure this is what i wanted.
  5. PHILTHY19

    For Sale Tan rv23 hinged web(web only)

    SOLD Just got it from n8ers and its not going to work for me. Price is $30 shipped
  6. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Miken worth combat

    All bats are returnable with unknown number of hits, I can take more pics of any bat if needed. Prices are my best guess and are OBO 28oz PST SOLD (stickers in bad shape) 28oz miken freak98 SOLD (bubble sticker) 26oz combat gear ASA SOLD(Missing knob sticker) 26oz 454 mutant $120 SOLD 26oz...
  7. PHILTHY19

    For Trade 26oz J3A

    TRADED Returnable with receipt dated 8/2/13 from Sbf store. 26oz about 15 game hits and 40-50 indoor BP hits. Looking for 26oz only cl22, st100, st100h maybe others.
  8. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Miken Psycho 26oz

    SOLD! returnable 26oz Miken Psycho was told 50 hits when i got it and i put 10 more on it looks like 100 hits though. Will trade towards a 26oz demarini cl22, Z's, easton L1, L2, st100h maybe others. Price is $160 receipt dated 5/15/13 (Z in the pic has been sold)
  9. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Rawlings pro302cvdm rht

    Sold LOCALLY Rawlings pro302cvdm rht 12.75" glove is in could condition stiff needs to be broken in and lays open by itself. I only used it to play catch. Does have some snags in the mesh but nothing major. Looking for $125 firm Will trade towards a 26oz cl22, z2k or other 26oz new stamp usssa...
  10. PHILTHY19

    Tan RV1961

    Just came in today, real nice glove measured at 12.5" which is what I was hoping for. Need to start the break in process.
  11. PHILTHY19

    For Sale Easton st100

    SOLD Easton stealth st100 returnable x2 no receipt 26oz unkown number of hits $225. No trades
  12. PHILTHY19

    For Trade tan rv23 RHT

    glove is gone
  13. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Demarinis cartel 2 27oz

  14. PHILTHY19

    For Trade 26 and 27oz L2's for trade

    Niw returnable 26oz and 27oz Easton L2 wegman. Looking for 26oz USSSA Z's, new resmondo legit, st100h maybe others lmk what you have to offer. deal pending on 26oz with Silvertowne#10
  15. PHILTHY19

    For Sale Easton st100

    SOLD 28oz returnable x2 no receipt $195 firm as gift or add fees to the lower 48 states
  16. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Sp13l1

    SOLD Selling for teammate bats has less then 100 indoor BP hits. Receipt is dated 2/8 sticker says 26oz so does the barrel and receipt but the scale weight is 28oz.
  17. PHILTHY19

    For Trade Niw B1,L2 and L4

    All niw with receipt dated 3/27/13 26oz B1 traded locally 26oz L2 keeping for a teammate 28oz L2- traded 26oz L4- traded on a different board Looking for 26/27oz sp12st100h, USSSA z2k will consider others.
  18. PHILTHY19

    For Trade 26oz mayhem XL Niw NR

    TRADED 26oz niw NR mayhem XL- would like a 26oz EL USSSA z2000 nr or newer Eastons, but willing to listen to all offers. I can add/subtract cash to any deal. Not for sale. No ASA or any 28oz or heavier offers.
  19. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade Mizuno glove bag

    SOLD Just bought a Mizuno jap global elite and I don't use glove bags asking $20 shipped.
  20. PHILTHY19

    For Sale/Trade 2 packages jersey/hats and t-shirt and hats

    Both packages are gone