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  1. jpjedi27

    For Sale Demarini combo 27.5 insane 27 the one
  2. jpjedi27

    For Sale Insane & The One

    Would like to sell as a package for $215 (PRICE DROPPED to $200 )delivered. Both are returnable with no paperwork. Not sure of hit count on either. Both have field and bag wear with few small nicks but nothing major with no webbing or rattles. 27.5 Insane Merica. 27 One Pics below. BOTH BATS SOLD.
  3. jpjedi27

    For Sale Package Deal

    Sold ! I would like to sell only as a package deal for $375 delivered. None have a receipt and swing count is guess as i am not the og owner of any. 26 Freak 12. Approx 100 swings with barcode. 26 Baker Usssa with 50 swings and both barcodes. 26.5 Asa Reckoning with 50 swings and both barcodes...
  4. jpjedi27

    For Sale L.S., Demarini,Dudley, Miken

    Looking to sell first but will consider trades. All prices are delivered in the states. 26 El. Duldey Lightning 2.0 75 hits no issues $135 Sold! 25.5 OG Demarini Future 150 hits field wear from hard fields no other issues returnable no receipt $165 Sold ! 27 L.S. SE Z2000 150 hits light field...
  5. jpjedi27

    LTB 2015 25 oz.Mercy

    Looking to buy 25 oz. only for a buddy. Prefer not too used. PM details and price. Thanks
  6. jpjedi27

    For Sale Package deal

    I am looking to sell the following bats as a package deal. All bats have light field and bag wear with no cracks or rattle. $650 for og package now $350 delivered on 3 remaining bats (LV-1,Vizion, &Freak a Delic) 27 Monsta DNA flex bal. 300 hits no warranty Sold 27.5 USA Future 150 hits...
  7. jpjedi27

    For Sale 10 bats 4 sale

    I have for sale only. I am not the original owner of any of the bats and do not have have a hit count on any. All prices are delivered and PP as friends. 26 Freak Black Max load No receipt or Barcode has a small zipper type spiral $75 Traded! 27.5 JH Lite. no issues and has Barcode and receipt...
  8. jpjedi27


    I have the following bats for sale or possibly trade. I don't have exact scale weight (will get if needed )or hit count on any. No rattle, cracks, spirals,wobble, or end cap issues unless listed. All prices are delivered and payment is PP as ff. 27 CL22 stadium $110 w/ receipt Traded. 29...
  9. jpjedi27

    Looking to play Winter Worlds in Vegas Dec 3-5

    I am looking for either a coed , men's , or 40 sr. team to play with Dec 3-5. the team I was on is no longer going. Positions are C,OF,1B, or P. If you have enough players and just looking for another sub, that's fine too. PM for fastest response. Thanks in advance.
  10. jpjedi27

    LTB 25.5 usa future

    Looking for a 25.5 oz. Future for a friend. Prefer U.S.A. but will consider an og. PM for fastest response. Thanks.
  11. jpjedi27

    LTB USSSA Bat compression tester

    Looking to see what's out there for sale. Not looking for one that is missing parts or been thrown around either.
  12. jpjedi27

    LTB Rht ssk

    I am looking for an SSK that is 12.75" -14" with a conventional back and prefer not too used. No old dimple gloves .
  13. jpjedi27

    For Sale 27.5 oz & 26 oz USSSA bats

    For sale only as a package for $300 delivered. 26 oz Ressy Legit has a receipt and no issues with approx 100 hits. 27.5 Sonic + wr with around 300 with no issues 27.5 Z4000 Backman with approx 100 hits with no issues.returnable no receipt and no handle turning. Pics below
  14. jpjedi27

    For Sale ASA Bats

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD ! Looking to sell only as a package for $350 delivered. 26 bal z1000 has a wobble, no rattle and light webbing wit some nicks on the handle. 28 oz Juggy with light field wear and no issues 28 oz Flex no rattle, has webbing and partial Stamps aND marked warranty replacement ...
  15. jpjedi27

    LTB Total control balls

    Looking for 6-12 total control balls. Either size is fine but don't want to pay new prices.
  16. jpjedi27

    For Sale/Trade Bunch of bats

    Prefer to sell the following bats and possibly trade. Not sure on amount of hits as I don't count and not the og owner of most. No receipts except the freak 12 and Yeti. All prices are delivered. 27 Fulk 220 NR. Has Spirals $70 Traded 27.5 Filby has spirals $75 Traded 26 Hyper Z very...
  17. jpjedi27

    Janesville WI Oct 17-18 Men's and Coed tournament

    Back of the Yards, in Janesville Men's and Coed $125 entry if received by Oct 15th $150 if bring to tournament Men's: ASA Bats 1 courtesy runner per game 6-10 arc 2 hrs. with option to buy 3 additional at $5 ea. per game Courtesy step allowed Swing and miss is an out Coed Men swing 30 inch...
  18. jpjedi27

    For Sale LS, EASTON, for sale

    Up for sale only and possible trade. All prices are delivered and none have a receipt with the hyper z's being the only non returnable bats. 26 & 27 oz. Hyper z 100 hits . Slight handle turn $125 ea. 26 bal z2 Dual stamp No wobble or rattle 400 hits $165 Traded ! (2) 27 usssa kirby's...
  19. jpjedi27

    For Sale/Trade 7 to trade or sell

    Looking to trade or sell. Bats of interest are a 27 dna, 26 mercy, and open to other offers. 26 el dual stamp z4. 100 hits, no issues returnable no receipt . $ Sold 150 26.5 LV2 200 hits normal field /bag wear no other issues returnable no receipt and only 1 barcode $115 26 el Super Z USSSA...
  20. jpjedi27

    Vegas Winter Dec. 6-8

    Anyone going to be out there selling or trading some bats ? Would not mind picking up some new sticks. Just not sure what I want or will have at the time to trade/sell.