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    For Sale/Trade CL22 pink 27oz and 26EL Z3000

    Looking to sell or trade a NR CL22 pink 27oz with 150swings and 26EL Z3000 returnable with receipt. Only looking for a Connell 26oz legit. Text (706) 266-0197 for pictures CL22 $100obo Z3000 $120
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    LTB Z3000 26/27 endload

    Looks for a returnable z3000 in a 26 or 27 ounce that is returnable and has receipt. looking to buy or trade a 28oz cl22.
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    LTB 2014 Demarini CL22

    Please be returnable w/ receipt. Looking for a 28oz only.
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    For Sale/Trade 26oz SE Psycho

    I have a returnable 26oz SE Pyscho with 500+ swings and slight rattle. Looking to trade for a new stamp psycho 27oz or sale for $120 OBO.
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    For Sale/Trade 28oz L2.0

    Bat is in great shape, and is returnable. Looking to trade for miken izzy in 26 or 27 oz, 2012/2013 easton models in 26 or 27oz, or sale for $140 OBO SOLD!!!!!!!!
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    LTB Easton L2 28oz

    I am looking for a new or slightly used L2 28oz. I have SE psycho i would part with. I would also be interested in buying for the right price.
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    LTTF SE psycho

    Looking for a 26 or 27 oz SE psycho.. I have an og mv1 I am willing to trade. Send me some offers. Willing to buy also.
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    LTB Miken bats in 27 or 28

    Specifically looking for a dc, se psycho, or mv1 in a 27 or 28.
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    LTB 2011 Worth Resmondo Titan

    Looking for a 2011 Resmondo Titan in a 27 or 28oz?!?!?!?
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    For Sale/Trade Returnable 26oz USSSA Avarice

    I have an avarice that is returnable, 75 cuts, and w/ a receipt. Looking to sale $150 obo or will trade for a 27oz spiked or avarice. Can send pics via text or email. SOLD!!!!!
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    For Trade Returnable 26oz Combat Avarice

    looking to move my returnable Combat Avarice w/ about 75 cuts on it for a 27oz stadium 2. Bat is returnable w/ valid receipt. Can send pics via email/text.
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    For Sale Dc psycho

    I got this dc psycho in a trade, and it's a little heavy for me. 27oz Has around 150 swings w/ a return and reciept. Only looking to sell. $150 obo. Can text or email pictures.
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    For Sale/Trade Niw nr mafia usssa

    Looking to move this NIW NR Miken Mafia 27oz. Sale price $150 obo. Only accepting trades for special edition psychos. Can add cash if it has a return.
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    Price Check NIW NR 27oz USSSA Mafia

    Price check on NIW NR Mafia 27oz
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    LTTF Combat Plague "target end cap"

    Looking for a 26 or 27 in bal or end load target endcap plague.
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    For Sale NIW NR 28oz Combatant

    Looking to sale a NIW NR 28oz Combatant for $90 paypal gifted or pay fees. What trades are out there in 26 or 27????
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    For Sale/Trade 26 bal NR spike baker

    I have a 26 nr spike baker with 75 cuts on it. The bat is a little light for me and looking for a trade on a se psycho or dc psycho will add cash. I will also sale $70 gifted or u pay fees.
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    Glove warranty?!?!

    Does Louisville slugger gloves carry any kind of warranty?
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    For Trade 27oz Dan Smith

    I have a 27oz Dan Smith returnable w/receipt with 300 cuts that i am looking to trade for a NIW returnable Target end cap plague 26 or 27 oz balanced or a slightly used returnable target end cap plague plus some cash. Can send pics upon request, just pm email or number!!
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    For Sale 34 in 26 oz Derby Girl

    I have a NR 34in 26oz Derby Girl i am looking to move. The bat has about 50 swings on it. Looking for $140 OBO shipped as gift or pay fee. PM me for pics!!