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  1. uprising

    For Sale/Trade iPhone 6s Verizon 64 gig

    looking to trade or sale my iPhone used only for a month in otter box since day one I ended up getting a note 4 but I'm looking to sale it for 320 shipped or trade for 26 -27 asa or Utrip bats...
  2. uprising

    For Sale/Trade OG Black ops Roller

    got a Og black ops roller for sale or trade it was only used for maybe 2 weeks tops i needed a bigger bag but id like to trade it for a new stamp bat asa or utrip in a 25-27 oz bat lmk thanks but sale price would be 110 thanks
  3. uprising

    For Sale Spalding Pro select

    Brand new 12 3/4 Spalding pro select glove never used at all looking for 80 shipped thanks
  4. uprising

    For Sale Softball pants hats and jerseys

    I gotta unload some of the softball stuff I have acquired its getting out of hand and wife up my a$$ about it but I have from left to right premiere athletics pants worn some stains no rips or tears they are adult med but run big next river plus 9 size 34 waist same as others some stains no rips...
  5. uprising

    Easton Sy98 and sy100

    Been out of the game for a while looking to pick up a sy100 and sy98 in a 26 oz would like them to be somewhat game ready..thanks Jay.
  6. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 2 ogs for sale/Trade

    I have a Og cluggy 26 oz returnable no receipt bat has maybe 300 swings just starting to open up no rattles or any webbing that I can see 2nd I have a 26.5 og lv1 its webbed up got it from board bro couple weeks ago it has paint chips PASSES USSSA tester..Trades id be interested in would be a 26...
  7. uprising

    For Sale/Trade Smash it sports cl22 ID trade it for a clean sy100 sy98 sy98h 100w in a 26 or 27......
  8. uprising

    For Sale/Trade sis Cl22

    I have a Sis Cl22 26 oz returnable with receipt around 100 swings no webbing rattles just a little bag rash at the end of bat in one spot id sale it for 210 Shipped or trade for a duel stamp/utrip demarini legacy insane top the list any other questions pm me thanks
  9. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 27 taylormade blackout will sale for 120 Shipped...
  10. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 27 cl22 pinky mint will sale for 125 Shipped....
  11. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 27 cl22 pinky & 27 Tm blackout

    I have a mint 27 Cl22 pinky returnable with receipt under 100 swings & I have a 27 Taylor made blackout looking for 230 for both shipped both bats have under 100 swings not one line of webbing or rattles cracks both like said before are mint...or trade for Easton lbe, 100w, future,legacy,super...
  12. uprising

    st100 & st100h question

    My ST's are starting to get pretty dang hot and I noticed the rubber connection piece is starting to move and get loose should I be worried? Or is this a common issue?
  13. uprising

    need help??

    I'm looking for someone that rrelaces& reconditions gloves I found my dad's old wilson and would like to get it fixed up for him as a fathers day gift..any help would be greatly appreciated...if I posted in wrong place I apologize I was unsure of where to post thanks again!
  14. uprising

    best deal youve ever gotten "batwise"

    Like title says best deal youve ever gotten buying a bat...mine had to be when i got a call from my wife last year she was at a yard sale and found a Niw og 27 scx3 for 15 bucks.....
  15. uprising

    For Trade 26 St100 looking to trade for a 25.5 ,26.5 future or legacy...can add a little cash if need be as well thanks...
  16. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 26 St100

    I have a St100 26 oz returnable no receipt no webbing or rattles and the cap is tight..Looking to trade before sale so sale price would be 230 I know it's high like I said I'd ratrather trade then be interested in New stamp eastons the new lbe tops the list..would like the bat to be a...
  17. uprising

    For Sale/Trade Easton pro Model

    11.5 Easton pro Model the thing is stiff as a board plays alot bigger then it's size shown in pics..looking to trade for a 12 inch H or I web Glove that's game ready or near game ready..since i don't have the time to break it in price would be 120 shipped I am not a glove guru if I...
  18. uprising

    For Sale Making some space sale!!

    I have entirely to much softball stuff and sick of hearing my wife complain so I figured I'd move some stuff to make her happy.. S/M Easton LBE hat never played in just worn maybe 3 times its a flex fit brand 20 shipped Richardson Brand Red & camo Ls hat never played in worn a couple times 20...
  19. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 25.5 2015 Cartel for Easton looking to trade for a nice asa Easton in a 26...
  20. uprising

    For Sale/Trade 25.5 2015 Cartel.

    I have a minty 25.5 Demarini 2015 Cartel returnable with receipt maybe 40 swings tops just picked up a st100 so it's gotta go sale price would be 220 shipped..or duel Demarini Asa or duel stamp trades in a 25.5 or 26,26.5..thanks Also have to 15 demarini grips 8 for both..