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    Rawlings Hypershell

    When :)
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    JD8 vs 207 pattern

    I know the JD8 is 12.5” and the 207 is 12.25 but curious to hear if anyone can give me a comparison. How much bigger does that 1/4 inch play on the JD8? Which pattern is wider? Looking for something to game at SS. Currently using a 12” GGE and it’s feeling a bit small as I get older.
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    Pro Preferred Leather Thickness/ Weight

    Just to add to the fun here, we just weighed my buddies primo sherry, same specs as the Bruciato except with a modified single post, and it is a full oz lighter.
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    Pro Preferred Leather Thickness/ Weight

    Yep they were! Pro 200-6
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    Pro Preferred Leather Thickness/ Weight

    Anybody notice a difference between the PP leathers in terms of their thickness/ weight? I’ve got a rich tan and a camel PP but I was playing with my friend’s bruciato the other day (same model/ size as my 2) and it seemed much thicker and heavier. He said he didn’t oil it or anything. We...
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    Glove recommendations for 2B

    I use a Rawlings 206 or my DW5 at the deuce
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    Need advice

    I use the DW5 and love it for Middle IF softball
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    Storing gloves for the winter

    Do you put a ball in the pocket when shelving it? Rest it on it’s side?
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    Storing gloves for the winter

    Yup that’s exactly what I ordered!
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    Storing gloves for the winter

    Found some closet room NEXT to the garage. Gonna buy hanging shelves so they can each have their own space (6 gloves) ... So they’ll be a little chillier than whatever temp it is in the house, but not freezing in the garage. Thanks for the tips, Maverick. The trunk and blanket system is...
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    Storing gloves for the winter

    How/ where do you guys store your gloves til spring? Specifically those of you who live in colder climates. I’m on the east coast so the winter may be brutal. Last season I stored my gloves in a trunk in my guest bedroom with a blanket on top to keep ‘em extra warm. But since then, my...
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    New Jeff Hall Bat

    Ditto to all these comments. Eager to hear a review on this new Z1000. Asa especially ... eyeing some OG Z’s on the bay but hoping my money will be better spent on this new line.
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    New Jeff Hall Bat

    Was this with ASA or Utrip?
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    Price check ...a custom Pro Preferred 208

    Strongly agree. I had a similar issue with my pro 200 custom and just kept working on the break in. Wound up loving it, easily my favorite glove now.
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    Turfs vs Molded

    Old man alert: Orthotics really helped me feel more comfortable in my cleats. Eliminated shin splints.
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    Mizuno Pro Select

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    Mizuno Pro Select

    Mizuno is doing a 25% off sale today and I'm trying to talk myself out of buying one. So far so good but the day is young...
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    LTB OG Z1000 ASA

    The Grey and Maroon One. Preferably NIW. Any size.
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    Price Check on Z1000 - NIW and used

    Either of these NIW still avail?