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  1. BBiskis

    Onyx's entry

    Looks like Onyx is joining the ASA space. Those that have swung them in the U-Trip scene, what can we expect? Starting at $220, worth considering?
  2. BBiskis

    LTB Pop Toss

    As title states looking for a Green Pop Toss.
  3. BBiskis

    Legacy bat company

    Been a minute, but is there an update on this? A lot of new companies entering the USSSA space, would suck to lose out on a new ASA competitor.
  4. BBiskis

    Calling all first basemen! What glove do you use?

    I use UA's Genuine Pro 13in, it's a budget HoH DCT and I'm a sucker for camel gloves.
  5. BBiskis


    Convinced me to order one of my own, have really been wanting a single post for my shelf.
  6. BBiskis

    For Sale/Trade Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 12" PRO716SB-2USA

    Looking primarily to sell my NWT & Keychain HoH. $205 Shipped for board members and will include a Rawlings mitt bag. I wear XXL batting gloves and the glove fits albeit snuggly.
  7. BBiskis

    LTB-anarchy ambassador, pink, and demon. 26/27 oz

    I got an Odin in a trade and the restrictor is starting to loosen up. Do I need a return/receipt? Or is it a service offered for free?
  8. BBiskis

    Has anyone here ordered a Marucci CMOD yet? Seen a review?

    I ordered a Cyprus and got the same glove "bag" I'd say if it was sold separately you'd be looking at a $50-75 price tag. I'll get photo's up soon.
  9. BBiskis

    Has anyone here ordered a Marucci CMOD yet? Seen a review?

    My CMOD arrived today. Working on getting pictures up.
  10. BBiskis

    Glove Size Opinion

    As a member @milocoman can get you some really great prices on the softballfans store. I picked up the PROBH34HT (13")to use in the outfield, would use it at 3rd if I didn't already have a glove for there. Absolutely beautiful glove. 12.5" Is also available and I would feel great about using it...
  11. BBiskis

    For Sale Rawlings HOH DCT Horween

    oh goodness
  12. BBiskis

    For Sale Pro preferred 303

    Beautiful glove, appreciate the text message! Just bought a horween 13 in.
  13. BBiskis

    Has anyone here ordered a Marucci CMOD yet? Seen a review?

    What gloves do you have available?
  14. BBiskis

    LTB HOH Outfield glove. RHT, 12.5-12.75

    Same here, pm sent.
  15. BBiskis

    Has anyone here ordered a Marucci CMOD yet? Seen a review?

    I ordered one in late February, with covid I'm not sure how that might delay it. But when it gets here I'll be sure to post some pictures.
  16. BBiskis

    Suggestions for hitting asa 44/375

    Some of the Anarchy bats will hit 44's. I can't confirm but I've heard that the new Suncoast ASA stuff can hit 44's, supposed to be a good stick. I also have a Boombah T3 that I would consider moving. About 1000 swings on it and still has a ways to go before you have to worry about it failing...
  17. BBiskis

    For Sale ***44Pro 12.5” Glove***SOLD

    This place isn't especially inviting of new users. Not many people want to stay when they get belittled for asking about topics a minority find taboo. Or even being belittled for asking a question that may have been asked before.
  18. BBiskis


    Breaking it in as my 1st TIP. Stalls feel like they were designed for that. Thumb and pinky inserts are very stiff, and holding the flare shape I'm working on. If I hadn't just bought a Marucci I would definitely buy one of the pro grade. Might still depending on funds.
  19. BBiskis

    My BP videos Official Thread

    Waiting for my BO Hero review fix.
  20. BBiskis


    I bought the same 12.5 Modified Trap, a friend has a co-ed rec team, so I figured it would be a nice loaner glove. And it looks great on the shelf! Glove feels great, curious as to the durability of the laces, definitely the cheapest part of the glove.