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  1. Erdrikds

    Things that drive you crazy

    guys who do warm up throws along the foul line instead of from the foul line into the field. If an errant throw gets away its in the other teams dugout rather than the field with no one there. From little league you throw from the line where are people learning this crap.
  2. Erdrikds

    Sniper Skin

    I watched a video on this the other day. I'm not sure if I trust this based on the video. Has anyone tried this yet or heard anything about it?
  3. Erdrikds

    ASA Gamer

    J3a and J4. Got a 2016 Mercy to break in probably will get most of my time this year.
  4. Erdrikds

    For Sale 27oz dc-41 asa

    conv. started
  5. Erdrikds

    Any Interest in SBF Pacific 404M?

    I'd be in for one of these in anything darker with lime green logo
  6. Erdrikds

    Not GTG Bagz

    In the end I have no bat and am out $200. Bagz might have not done anything wrong but because I have not received any bat or refund, hasn't done on his end all right. I do not know why usps keeps denying his claim. AJ22 has tried to contact bagz and has as of my knowledge been ignored by him.
  7. Erdrikds

    Not GTG Bagz

    I didn't file a claim with usps because I thought it was on his end because he sent the bat with the insurance. I was in communication with Bagz the entire time saying if there is anything I can do to help I would. I sent him pics of what I received so he could show them to the post office. I...
  8. Erdrikds

    Not GTG Bagz

    1st of all I did not close the claim after a period of time PP closes them automatically. Paypal also suggests working with the seller to fix the problem which we were in communication so I felt positive that we were going to be able to resolve this without it coming to this.
  9. Erdrikds

    Need some help with a deal with Bagz. If you can help message me or text me at 6072068875

    Need some help with a deal with Bagz. If you can help message me or text me at 6072068875
  10. Erdrikds

    Not GTG Bagz

    We have been in contact and Bagz said he sent the bat with the receipt. He filed a claim with USPS and they have denied the claim. I did not finalize the pp claim I had with the deal because I was in contact with him and we were trying to work this out. In the end I am out $200 for a roll of...
  11. Erdrikds

    Whats your favorite brand of batting gloves?

    I'm going to have to second the spiderz. I got the ones with the rubber for overlap grip and it feels great. lots of slides and bp no rips for 2 years so far.
  12. Erdrikds

    Exclusive Forum Member Giveaway Poll

    subs there is no i in team but there is me.
  13. Erdrikds

    Not GTG Bagz

    I bought a 2016 Mercy off of him when I opened the box there is no bat in the box but a roll of instant granite, poly type plastic. I tried to message him and no reply. I'm not sure at this point whether it is on his end or was tampered with at the post office since the delivery was a day later...
  14. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade Miken Freak 98 28oz

    Bat is sold.
  15. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade Miken Freak 98 28oz

    still up had a buyer lined up. keyword had.
  16. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade Miken Freak 98 28oz

    Last bat of they year that I'm selling bump.
  17. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade Miken Freak 98 28oz

    Fall clearance bump.
  18. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade RD28 asa 28oz Swagger 27oz

    Fall ball bump.
  19. Erdrikds

    For Sale/Trade Miken Freak 98 28oz

    no thank only demars for me. mainly looking to sell.
  20. Erdrikds

    Softball backpacks

    Diamond IX3 is nice but, I wouldn't say quality is top notch. The elastic around where the bats are held all ripped on mine. Also the shoulder straps are falling apart at the top. Holds a ton of stuff and I like it. I just don't like the durability.