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    AI By Itself

    what about w/ hcg?
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    Avoid fresh fruit?

    meaning what exactly?
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    low carb diet meals

    proof of the only 50g at a time please?
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    Avoid fresh fruit?

    .......Everything you listed has a high percent of calories from carbs
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    Avoid fresh fruit?

    Fruit is perfectly fine. But if you eat too much (of anything) you will gain weight.
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    Any diet recommendations?

    1. Find out how many calories you roughly burn in a day (There are many calculators out there) 2. Eat food that you enjoy and stay under that calorie amount Thats it.
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    That's it!

    What do you consider "healthy"? You can eat the food you enjoy and be in good shape, portion control is king.
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    Motivation ......

    Lower your calories eaten. You can still eat the junk food you love, just eat smaller portions.
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    which muscle cream is good... icyhot, bengay etc...

    I was thinking the same. Seems more beneficial to find out what is actually causing the problems and fix
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    Protein and Supplements

    It doesnt matter when/if you take it.
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    Plateauing...what should I change???

    That may work for you, stick with what works. I used to eat that way but prefer to eat larger meals. Eating small meals I would never be satisfied Overall though the overall calories eaten is what matters. Doesnt matter if you eat them in 3 or 6 meals.
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    Plateauing...what should I change???

    There has never been studies proving meal frequency increased metabolism, its all heresay There is also a study where metabolism rate increased (6-10% IIRC) from short term (24-36hr) fasting
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    Losing Weight...

    Your diet sounds very boring and bland. Are you sure you will be able to maintain that?
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    Best fat burner?

    no its not
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    This^^ Just to add though its not just the whey protein, its all sources of it. But it usually doesnt cause problems, but it can make it worse if kidneys are failing
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    noob ??

    soreness or lack of soreness doesnt indicate a good workout. I am never sore and still make good progress
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    Vinci Stiff

    ty so much
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    Vinci Stiff

    I have the shoe shining of the heel down, but it also says to do it "where the webbing meets the finger." How do you do that?
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    How do guys in utrip stand so far up in the box and hit well?

    Thanks everyone, some good advice here