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  1. jaelean07

    For Sale 26.5 JH Z1000

    Oh ok, thanks
  2. jaelean07

    For Sale 26oz & 27oz Fire Flex's

    Any Interest in a 26.5 hall z1000? I'm interested in a gold fireflex
  3. jaelean07

    LTTF 26, 27oz fireflex

    I have a 26.5 z1000 jeff hall. It's got about 150 hits. All paperwork. Has field wear but no cracks or rattle. Looking for gold fireflex or the OG endloaded fireflex. I can provide pictures. Text me at 6262173137
  4. jaelean07

    For Sale 26.5 JH Z1000

    I have a26.5 hall z that I will trade for that easton
  5. jaelean07

    27oz. USA flipper aftermath
  6. jaelean07

    For Trade 27oz. USA flipper aftermath

    Looking to trade my flipper. No issues what so ever. Returnable, no paperwork. Looking for ASA Miken or worth or monsta (with fib, torch, dna,bmlc, etc) in a 26 or 27oz. Please text me at (626)217-3137 for a faster response.
  7. jaelean07

    LTTF 26, 26.5, 27 Pure Integrity

    Does anyone have a Pure Integrity they are looking to sell or trade? Prefer an endloaded 26 through 27oz. Send me a text if you do please. 6262173137
  8. jaelean07

    2017 olive helmer 26.5

    My 27oz 2015 ressy legit is up for grabs if I can get a 26.5 olive helmer. My ressy: 27oz small paint seam, just paint, some field wear bat is solid and still mashes the ball. Feel free to text me pictures. 6262173137
  9. jaelean07

    For Sale OG freak 12 27 oz

    Barcode? Trade?
  10. jaelean07

    GSL/USSSA August 2017 Event Flyers

    Looking to jump on a socal men's E team. Play mostly outfield. Start a convo for information
  11. jaelean07

    LTTF Freak black Easton Helmer

    Looking to trade for a black and yellow freak black in a 27 or a green easton helmer in a 26 or 27
  12. jaelean07

    Another round

    Any interest in a dual stamp z4000 end loaded last year's model. Returnable no receipt.
  13. jaelean07

    LTB Easton helmer 98h

    I'm looking for an Easton helmer 98h in a 26 or 27oz. If you have one please text me at 626)217-3137 for faster reaponse.
  14. jaelean07

    For Trade 27 oz Combat BHOSE R/R

    Conversation started
  15. jaelean07

    LTTF 2015 26oz. Ressy legit

    Bump still looking for a 26ozm ressy
  16. jaelean07

    LTTF 2015 26oz. Ressy legit

    Looking to trade for a 2015 (blue) resmondo legit in a 26oz. It's for my wife. I have a 27oz 2014 usa aftermath (maroon) to trade or will buy if the price is right. If there is one out there text me pictures at (626)217-3137
  17. jaelean07

    LTTF Looking to buy or trade for a OG mayhem or bubba mack

    NO I'm talking about the og 2 piece mayhem the one before the highlighter
  18. jaelean07

    LTTF Looking to buy or trade for a OG mayhem or bubba mack

    I'm looking to trade for or buy an og mayhem the gold and maroon one. Or a bubba mack 2 peice in a 26 or 27oz.
  19. jaelean07

    Dual stamp reckoning reviews

    That's good to hear!