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  1. durtyshotz

    For Sale Computer parts

    added your gtg. finally got my computer up and running everything ran well really nice mother board.
  2. durtyshotz

    GTG Tonzaga

    Tonzaga fast shipper. I bought computer parts from him.
  3. durtyshotz

    For Sale Computer parts

    interest interested in the mother board with processor. not around those numbers though. if you have time send pics and a bottom line. [email protected]
  4. durtyshotz

    For Sale 26 Oz. ASA Catalyst

    you would already have a pay pal waiting if i wasnt on a tight budget right now.
  5. durtyshotz

    GTG casrek is GTG

    bought a game off dude and it came quick and easy.
  6. durtyshotz

    For Sale COD Black OPS Xbox 360

    i think i found one just waiting for casrek to send me a paypal account
  7. durtyshotz

    For Sale Homefront xbox360

    ok thanks for the info never mind man. I want to try and score a black ops
  8. durtyshotz

    For Sale Homefront xbox360

    what do you lose without the code i may be interested
  9. durtyshotz

    For Sale/Trade XBOX 360 games

    well any way i would give you 35 shipped
  10. durtyshotz

    For Sale/Trade XBOX 360 games

    thinkin about buying the black ops.
  11. durtyshotz

    For Sale 2 blackberry curves for verizon

    yea i bought 2 alltel ones off here 2 months ago for 80 both good luck still a good price though at 100
  12. durtyshotz

    For Trade 27 oz supermax asa recoil

    its a + extra super duper big fat recoil with -17 hits on it
  13. durtyshotz

    For Trade miken recoil

    how bout much more horrible shape
  14. durtyshotz

    For Sale Olde English Bulldogge pups

    dude glodys are tite man mine is the best family dog ever
  15. durtyshotz

    Another swing vid to critique...

    if i was you i would try and cut back on the bat jiggle some wasted motion there maybe even try starting your hands back further. nice shots i have a 11" vert so i would have robbed some of those homers lol
  16. durtyshotz

    Do you have trouble finding people to take BP?

    why do people live there
  17. durtyshotz

    For Sale ASA Recoil Max 27 oz

    lmao well the bat is still here i feel alot better today still need a few days im surprised its still here though
  18. durtyshotz

    Vicious broke in half - DST?

    i would say if you are trying to make your swing faster go balanced i have the maxload and everyone that swings it loves it but its still new and it doesnt have much pop yet. it does swing smooth though my wife loves swinging it.
  19. durtyshotz

    asa recoil maxload or the may98, orange

    im confused which one is better lol
  20. durtyshotz

    For Trade 27oz ASA recoil maxload

    i just want to see pictures i dont have anything to trade