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  1. jkwoody22

    This place used to be the bomb.

    And I just saw the store is now, not anymore
  2. jkwoody22

    This place used to be the bomb.

    This is probably the reason there was blip/ shutdown, the old days where we paid $5 to be ad free are gone, traffic has been way down on here for the last couple of years, I imagine this was a way to keep this site going, if I remember correctly, the store closed and everything is being ran by...
  3. jkwoody22

    4 The Fallen ASA 2022

    @UncleMosk How was the Buffalo?
  4. jkwoody22

    First Base Mitt with Good Palm Padding?

    I would say the mole skin is thinner than the glove, they have evolved since I last used one
  5. jkwoody22

    First Base Mitt with Good Palm Padding?

    They are hoh but are the horween leather which is generally a stiffer leather, you can go the custom route, if you contact Chad @milocoman, he might be able to do memeber pricing on a rawlings custom, or a stock one in the store, no discount on the horween as they are limited release, but all...
  6. jkwoody22

    ***** bats

    The early demarini steels had a foam insert, the first aftermaths had a version of the tech, so like anything it has evolved, the tech of the 52 ball, so many variables, monstas just took the hype to the next level, the pr, the different paint schemes and limited availability made them the...
  7. jkwoody22

    SBF 13" PRO1000 Reboot?

    Ohh, the Harper is going to be the 13” horween correct, is this a wider pattern or more traditional non tip old school type of pattern?
  8. jkwoody22

    LTB ASA Onyx

    Failing out of the wrapper, crazy hot, quite a few guys I know really pissed, I also heard from sac area head umpire that was it for them in asa market in the future as they as company where banned, but who knows
  9. jkwoody22

    Lowest compression bat you've seen.....

    Our league tests each session to ensure legal bats, umps check before every game, now I’ve seen people test one bat and pull out the same bat that hasn’t been tested and try to use it, but most of the teams/ catcher will call it out, not always, they place the stickers in the same place on all...
  10. jkwoody22

    Help me replace my Old Reliable

    @milocoman Chad, he runs this place
  11. jkwoody22

    This place used to be the bomb.

    And the gamma grips before lizardskins were a thing
  12. jkwoody22

    Worst Excuse for No Show

    I tend to get this one, if they show up the next week, they bat last, they tend to quit or I just tell them we don’t need them anymore, sad part is I have had it happen 3 different times over the years and 1 time he subbed for the opposite team smh
  13. jkwoody22

    Bat Tech: Old School vs New...and does it really matter?

    Johnie Appleseed, I can’t believe I watched the whole vid smh
  14. jkwoody22

    Help me in my glove journey

    I used to use the Todd Frazier tf21 Wilson, 12.25 at second for softball, rumor is that it is a 1781 with an hweb, I use tip and have smaller hands as well, m/l batting gloves, but that glove played wide with that web and bowled shaped, I loved it, the sp125 seems like a bigger version, I went...
  15. jkwoody22

    Bought a used bat... Broken???

    I had similar lines in a couple Demarini white steel composite handles back in the day, seemed like part of the molding, seeming, manufacturing process, they lasted until the end caps broke, never handle issues
  16. jkwoody22

    ASA/USA composite handle with alloy barrel

    The demarini raw steels and newer steels have aluminum handles
  17. jkwoody22

    Single wall options

    How is the ronin or the flex for those that have used them, my steel end cap cracked tonight, not paying 400 new/eBay and will wait for the 22, which I heard June or July for arrival date, by my local richards has the ronin cheap and I need a singlewall, no handle restrictions for us, but 2004...
  18. jkwoody22

    2021 ASA Krecher Thoughts

    Juno, I saw a vid where he was hitting his new utrip hitting like 116 mph, bat sounded great, but that dude can just hit
  19. jkwoody22

    New Kids On The Block - Bat Manufacturers

    I think with performance pretty much being equal with the equipment, the bat standards, compression etc, it’s the longevity of the companies financially, Easton, worth, miken, Rawlings all owned by the same company, Wilson, demarini and louisville the same, so they have the backing, these...
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    GTG jkwoody22 gtg list