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  1. txjester

    pretty funny stuff. Smash it vs Monsta Debacle

    What night(s) do you play in Plano?
  2. txjester

    11" 52/300..... :\

    Tattoo has them
  3. txjester

    12" decker shark

    Is this ball good to use in ASA? It says 52/300 but the stamp is red and not green.
  4. txjester

    The new Guru

    Cost for a dozen and when will they be available?
  5. txjester

    glove relacing question

    What do you charge? I have a Vinci trapeze style glove.
  6. txjester

    shin guards...

    I wear mine no matter where I'm at on the field. Never know when you'll have to go pitch.
  7. txjester

    Buy In's?

    I'd be interested if someone does one of these again.
  8. txjester

    DFW BP Thread

    Anyone hitting this weekend? Supposed to be nice weather
  9. txjester

    DFW BP Thread

    I havent been up to the fields in awhile. Are they in decent shape?
  10. txjester

    Evil Bp light 52

    I want 3 dozen. How do we pre-order?
  11. txjester

    Best bp balls to break in bats

    what is the difference in the evil bp 52 and the evil bp rocket? besides the color scheme. thank you.
  12. txjester

    Mike macenko...

    get well quickly
  13. txjester

    For Sale Phenix 33/25

    bat is sold. thanks.
  14. txjester

    Price Check 2010 toxic

    I have one of these NIW and wondering what they sell for? It is 27 ounces. Thanks.
  15. txjester

    For Sale Phenix 33/25

    It has a foam rattle and the paint is chipped in places. End cap has no issues. I bought it from a guy here on SBF so number of hits is unknown. My daughter used it for her tournaments and now she has a new bat so we don't need it. $120
  16. txjester

    Price Check 33/25 Phenix

    Not sure on # of hits. I bought it from a guy on SBF and my daughter has been using it. Wanting to know a fair price for it. Thanks.
  17. txjester

    easykid15 ??

    He must be back in business. I ordered some grips and got them right away.
  18. txjester

    Autism Awareness Jersey, $23/shipped, proceeds go to Autism Program

    Did you get my order by the 5 pm deadline? Ship out today?
  19. txjester

    Autism Awareness Jersey, $23/shipped, proceeds go to Autism Program

    I am sending payment for 3 jerseys. I have added the fees. Let me know that I calculated correctly. Thanks