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    Price Check 28 oz MLC

    1000+ swings, purchased new and used in league only by a couple players, not a team bat. Some webbing, field scratches, no cracks or chips and pretty hot. As soon as my AM arrives, I'm thinking about either selling it outright or trading for a 12.5" glove. Any help would be appriciated on price...
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    Looking to play dallas, tx area

    Try posting on the DFW sub list in this forum. Lots of local guys post on there and it's been running for a while now.
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    CL22 ASA Stock Update

    I hope those dates don't apply to the other Demarinis.
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    For Sale Multiple RHT Fielding Gloves - game ready

    How are the laces on the GG? Would you do $30?
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    New DeMarini Slowpitch Preorder

    Anybody heard anything about the next batch of orders? I didn't get my Aftermath order in time the first time.
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    Looking to buy my first bat

    Fu Dawgs were going for $145 on Ebay for a while. Been using my MLC for 3 years and it's still going strong at 1000+ hits.
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    Funniest team names

    It Doesn't Matter Just the Tip
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    New CL22 Shipment Update

    Hope there are some Aftermaths in there. Didn't get mine in the first go round.
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    New DeMarini Slowpitch Preorder

    Haven't received tracking yet on my 28oz AM. Hope I don't have to wait on the next batch. Leaugue starts tonight. Not that I would have used it in the cold we have right now, but it would be nice to have if the weather warms up next week.
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    For Sale/Trade Spring Training Sale....

    Might be interested in the Fu, but can get new on Ebay right now for $133 shipping included.
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    MLC vs. Fu Dawg/Flipper/Aftermath

    I'm sure it's been talked about before, but I'm not on here enough to have seen it. I swing a 28oz MLC in ASA only league. Do the Fu Dawg, Flipper or Aftermath really outperform with the .52 balls enough to justify upgrading. I'm closing in on 40 with a bum shoulder so I'm a base hitter, but I...
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    Looking for a team in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, or Plano texas

    Got a new team starting in Allen for the fall, men's league in Wednesdays. Most of the players have been playing in McKinney.