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    utrip portrnt

    The one I have is the all blk and red. And yes the is portent is nasty hot
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    utrip portrnt

    Ok yeah it does sound pretty nasty sound. So does it effect the bat at all when it lose or broken? What should I do with the bat?
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    utrip portrnt

    I just got a hold of one of these utrip portent bats.(love the bat) I put around 100 hits give or take. and the last hit I hit with it. it made a nasty sound and develop a very bad rattle. it has no visible cracks on the bat that I can see. can anyone give any insight or info if this has happen...
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    asa frenzy rb500 info

    Thanks bros I did end up picking it up for a nice price.. ive had the craze line before, they were great bats now to try this one out..
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    asa frenzy rb500 info

    Its the black one
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    asa frenzy rb500 info

    Im looking for any info on this bat. On how good they are?
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    For Sale/Trade z2000 balanced utrip bat

    I have a easton xl2 asa 26oz for your z
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    any opinions on the TPX Omaha bat?

    Give it time there OK bats
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    For Sale/Trade 27 ssr4

    I have Easton srv6bh 26oz
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    For Trade mayhem98 for tps or easton or demarini

    I have a 2011 worth mayhem 98 (27oz) for trade looking for Eastons and tps Z's.or demarini bats asa only
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    For Trade 27 oz el 2012 z1k

    I have : Easton srv6bh with 80hits 26oz. Reebok vector o asa with 120hits 28oz. 2011 Worth mayhem 27oz. With 100hits
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    For Sale/Trade 26oz Baden Axe Avenge

    I have these bats for trade Easton srv6bh 26oz. 2011 Worth mayhem 98. 27oz. Reebok vector o asa 28oz
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    Louisville Slugger TPS Sonic SB12S??? Any info/feedback

    Where can I pick one up at?
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    For Trade reebok vector o asa for trade

    I have a Reebok vector o asa for trade... Its a 28oz 50hits Looking for 26oz asa bat
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    For Sale Bats for sale

    still have the vector?
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    help on wood softball bats?

    OK I'm goona check out a few see how they work with me thank for all the info guys...
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    help on wood softball bats?

    OK thanks on the info guys. now its just on picking the right brand......
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    help on wood softball bats?

    OK So how do I choose in weight cuz i don't want to go to heavy. What's the best weight that's similar to an 26oz and 27? In composite.
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    help on wood softball bats?

    I need a lil bit of help on which WOOD softball bat its great, good and stay away from.. Which weight would be the best to swing. As I swing a 26oz mostly. So if you guys can give me so info the would be great .....
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    team looking for full or semi sub

    Sorry been busy bro. Damn it looks nice