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    ASA errant Infield Fly call

    What I am saying is that in the case of an infield fly, every ump has to use their own "judgment" on what they consider ordinary effort. Even if you disagree with ump on what ordinary effort is it does not mean he got the call wrong according to the rule book, it just means your judgment and...
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    ASA errant Infield Fly call

    I ump high school baseball and at one of our preseason meetings a new ump asked about "tie goes to the runner" and the head ump running the meeting replied with "There is never a tie, the runner is either safe or out. It your job as an ump to make that call." What Joker is saying is the ball...
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    Advance on foul ball

    In our league they explained it as saving time, just like not having to run on a home run. If an out is recorded either way, why go through the trouble of making the fielder let the ball drop and then have to chase it to the fence after it bounces by him?
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    Question about Nike Vapor web swap

    I have a pro flare (FLA1275SM) that I was considering doing this same web swap with this winter, and after seeing these pictures I think I am definitely going to do it now.
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    A not so obvious Leather question.

    Got my 13 year old stepson an A1K for christmas this year to use on his tourney team. Before I bought it I had a talk with him that it would take some effort to break in to make sure he was okay with doing the work before I was going to spend that kind of money. Only thing I allowed outside of...